How To Bypass Saver Switch: An Easy Solution!

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Your air conditioning is suddenly not working during a hot summer day? You know your air conditioning unit is alright, so where is the problem? Is it because of the saver switch?

Well, now you might be wondering how to bypass the saver switch?

Firstly, you have to recognize all the wires to bypass the saver switch. Also, know which one goes where. Knowing the wires will help in testing the saver switch using a meter as well. Then, you just have to remove the saver switch. Lastly, complete the wiring of the circuit without the switch. 

Nevertheless, this is just the tip of the iceberg. But don’t worry! I have gathered all the necessary knowledge that you need to accomplish this task.

Let’s go in!

What Does a Power Saver Switch Do?

A power saver switch is a special feature installed by power companies. On really hot days everyone is running at the same time and that might overwhelm the grid. Power saver switches cycle your power off for a short period. 

The switch might cycle off your power for 15 or 30 or even 45 minutes. It will cycle you and your neighbors randomly. This will make sure that not everyone is running their air conditioners at the same time.

The saver switch might be why your ac might not work during peak hours. But the reason behind your ac not working at night might be something else. 

The cycling is done to make sure that the electricity is not overwhelmed. And usually you, the consumer of the power company, will get a discount for doing this.

The power switch is very useful to reduce excessive electricity consumption. Here’s someone who has installed and activated the power switch to save power.

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Understanding The Functions Before Bypassing the Switch

Before we can bypass the power switch, we have to understand ac power switch wiring. The bypassing process is quite complicated. So you cannot go into it blind. 

Now check at the wall where the ac power switch box is. You will probably see the thermostat wire. 

Typically the thermostat wire is coming from the control board. Most of the time, there will be two wires coming out. 

The thermostat wire comes out of the disconnect or from somewhere near the disconnect. And sometimes the wire will come out from the freon or ef22a or r22 pipes. Saver switch can be installed on ef22a or r22 pipes.

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First, you will see a brown wire. There are two wires inside the brown wire. One of the wires is red and the other one is white. 

Just locate the thermostat wires coming out of the wall somewhere. The thermostat wire might be zip-tied to the electrical whip.

Notice that the power saver switch has the white thermostat wire coming from it. That is zip-tied to the electrical web and goes into the air conditioning unit as well. These wires go in and come out of the air conditioner unit. 

Here you will see the thermostat wires coming from the furnace control board. These two wires are connected to y and the common. 

One of the thermostat wires, the white one, goes into the blue wire. And the blue wire goes into the contactor coil. 

The other thermostat wire, the red wire, goes into the wire nut. The wire nut is wire knotted together into the red wire. Which again goes into the white thermostat wire which goes into the power saver switch. 

When Has the Saver Switch Gone Bad?

When voltage enters the ac switch and does not come out, the switch might go bad. 

The white wire goes into the power saver switch and comes back out. So sometimes the voltage will go into the switch but it will not come out with the white wire. 

Now that generally might mean that they have your cycle off right now. But has your air conditioner not been working for hours or even days? Well, then it is probably something else and not the company cycling you off.

Checking If the Saver Switch Has Gone Bad or Not!

You easily check using a multimeter if a saver switch has gone bad or not. The steps are really simple. So, let’s discuss the whole process step by step.

Firstly, you need a multimeter. If you don’t have a multimeter, you can buy one. The price ranges from $9-$40. However, some of the best multimeters on the market are given below.

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Then, set the setting of your meter to voltage. Put one of your Meter’s leads into the wires coming from the control board furnace. 

The power saver switch is connected in series between the contactor coil and the furnace control board.

Afterward, stick the lead in the wire nut until you reach the metal part. Or you can put your lead on the blue wire right under the terminal spade. 

The other lead will connect to the wire nut. This connects to the wire going into the power saver switch.

Now, we have to verify if 24 Volts are going out of the power saver switch. Now connect one of the leads into the wire nut of the red wire.  The red wire is connected to the Furnace control board thermostat wire. 

Lastly, if you have 0 volts it means the switch is closed. However, if you have 24 volts it means the switch is open. Getting 24 volts means that the power switch is defective.

For assurance, you can call your company to ask if they have your cycle off. When you give them your proper address they will tell you if you are cycled off.

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Bypassing The Saver Switch

So, how to bypass ac saver switch

To bypass the saver switch, you have to remove it from the circuit. First, disconnect all your wire nuts. Once they are off, you will see the thermostat wire going into the power saver switch. Just simply pull them out of the circuit and remove the switch. Then connect the wires.

While connecting the colors of the wire do not have to match. You can connect the wires going into the contactor coil with the thermostat wire. Afterward, Just put on a wire nut.

You can put wire nuts on the exposed wire or tape them. Or just put them out of the way and make sure they are not touching anything. 

We recommend taking a picture of the circuit before you try to disconnect it. So you will have an easier time reassembling it.

Once the saver switch has been removed, try turning on your air conditioning. If it turns on, the power saver switch has been bypassed.  

If the air conditioner is still not turning on, then something else is the problem. There are many aspects you can consider before calling the repair guy.


How does the Xcel Energy saver switch work?

Xcel energy saver switch is a special way of controlling your electricity bill. The switches are pager-activated. They are installed adjacent to the outdoor AC units. The air conditioning unit’s compressor is cycled on and off during peak demand times. 

How do I know if I have a saver switch? 

The easiest way to know if you have a saver switch or not is to just call your power company. When you contact and give your company your proper address, they will tell you if you have a saver switch or not. You can just go and check for yourself as well. 

Where is the power switch on my AC unit?

Most of the time, the air conditioner’s power switch is near the outdoor unit. The power switch is usually a metal box that’s hanging on your house’s wall. You will see the brown thermostat wire coming out of it. The freon pipe should be near the switch box as well. 


And with that, we know how to bypass the saver switch. Bypassing the switch is not that difficult. You just have to remove the switch from the circuit. 

Before you can attempt to remove the switch, you must know the wiring of the switch. If you follow the instructions carefully, it will be a piece of cake.

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