EF 22a Vs R22: Which Is Better?

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EF 22a and R 22 are very popular refrigerants. Refrigerants, a chemical compound, are used as heat carriers in refrigerators, air-conditioning, and fire suppression systems. 

Picking the right refrigerant is really important for a number of reasons. So who wins EF 22a vs R22? 

The key factor going into the choice between EF 22a and R22 is the legality. Manufacturing of R22 has been banned for severely damaging the ozone layer. Only existing units containing R22 are allowed to operate. EF 22a, on the other hand, is legal, cheaper, and more efficient. 

Curious about more details regarding the refrigerants? Well, we have a detailed article comparing the two. Just follow us to the article!

Quick Overview

Air conditioning works by refrigerants drawing in heat from the surrounding and providing cool air. That is after the air has gone through the compressor and evaporator. Common ingredients of refrigerants include fluorine and carbon..

That being said, EF 22a and R22 are different chemical compounds. R22 refrigerant chemical formula is CHClF2. Using them comes with different results.

Let’s see how EF 22a and R22 stack up against each other: 

DifferenceEF 22aR22
Environmental ImpactComparatively less severeSeverely negative
LegalityLegalIllegal import or manufacture

There are many issues regarding the comparison between EF 22a and R22. They must be discussed in detail. And that is exactly what our next part is about. 

In-depth Comparison Between EF 22a and R22 

We already saw how the two refrigerants compare to each other. But the table alone does not paint the whole picture. 

There are many nitty-gritty details that need to be discussed, especially about the R22 refrigerant. After that, we can recommend any of them to you. 


We already mentioned that refrigerants are the source of cool air after going through the compressor. Now not all refrigerants have the same efficiency. 

Let’s see which is more efficient between EF 22a and R22.

EF 22a

EF 22a is much more efficient than R 22. In some cases, EF 22a is up to 40% more efficient. 

The equivalence of EF 22a and R 22 is:

EF 22aR22
12 lbs30 lbs
20 lbs50 lbs
1 ounce2.5 ounce


The R22 is less efficient. We already noted how 1 ounce of EF 22a is equivalent to 2,5 ounces of R 22. 

Winner: EF 22a wins this round for being much more efficient. In terms of efficiency, EF 22a thoroughly outperforms the R 22. 

Environmental Impact

Usage of air conditioning is frowned upon because of its environmental impact. The greenhouse gas that it emits destroys the ozone layer of the Earth. And the main reason behind the emission is refrigerants. 

The ozone layer is a layer of our planet’s stratosphere. This layer absorbs most of the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. 

A damaged ozone layer lets in more UV radiation into the Earth. Overexposure to UltraViolet rays can cause skin cancer, and even damage our immune systems. Reduction in crop yields and disruption in the marine food chain are also results of excess uv rays.

Now let’s see between EF 22a and R22, which harms the ozone layer less. 

EF 22a 

EF-22 is claimed to be a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant. It is much less destructive towards the environment. It is an EPA approved r22 replacement.

In many situations, EF 22a  refrigerant is capable of delivering energy-saving performance. Reducing the demand for energy it needs. 

The higher efficiency of EF 22a also lets it do more work while producing less harmful gas. 


R22 is highly dangerous for the environment. It is an HCFC 22 refrigerant. And like all HCFC 22, R22 significantly damages the ozone layer. 

In the 80s, the harmful effect of the R22 was discovered. And since then people have become much more aware of the effects. Because of this, the use of R22 has been banned in many countries.

R22 is highly toxic for humans as well. Speculations regarding does R22 cause cancer are true. 

Winner: EF 22a is hands down the winner of this round. R22 is so harmful for the environment that it has been banned. 


In the last sector we touched on R22 being banned in many countries. Are there similar legal issues with EF 22a? Let’s see

EF 22a

EF 22a is legal for use. Because it is less destructive towards the ozone layer, no bans were imposed on it. 

EF 22a even meets international standards such as ISO 5149, BS 4434-1995, AS/NZS 1677, and ASHRAE 5149.


The usage of R22 is quite a bit more complicated.. The gas has been banned due to its destructive nature toward the ozone layer

In accordance with the Montreal Protocol, the supply of R22 is being phased out. Since 2010, the EPA has been implementing the Montreal Protocol in stages. They began by banning the manufacturing of new equipment that used R22. 

Using and maintaining air conditioners that already had R22 is allowed. But repair technicians have to become EPA-certified to work with units that contain R22.

Winner: EF 22a wins this really important sector. R22 has been phased out and is illegal to manufacture or import. 


The cost of buying and using refrigerants is really significant. Let’s see which one is more pocket friendly. 

EF 22a

The price of EF 22a is cheaper. The efficiency of EF 22a makes it more cost-friendly to operate as well. 

Servicing air conditioners with EF 22a is not too much of a hassle either. 


The lower efficiency of R22 makes its operating costs really high. On top of that, importing or manufacturing R22 is illegal. So the only way to source is from recycled R22. 

This makes the availability of R22 really limited. This in turn increases the price of R22 significantly. 

If you ever face issues regarding the liquid line, the repair bill will be a pretty big

Winner: The winner of this round is EF 22a. It is cheaper to purchase and the operating costs are lower as well. 

Final Verdict

The choice between EF 22a and R22 is clear. R22 is severely harmful to the environment and is banned from manufacturing. So even if there were a case where R22 was good, you cannot get it. 

EF 22a is cheaper, more efficient, and less harmful than R22. The only situation where you may use R22 is if you already have an air conditioning system that uses R22. 

That’s all regarding EF 22a and R22. Hope it helps. 


Is Refrigerant R22 Banned?

No, air conditioning units that use R22 are not illegal or banned. Owning an air conditioner that uses R22 is no issue in legal terms. However, the importing or manufacturing of R22 has been banned. But sourcing recycled R22 is not illegal or banned. 

Should I Buy a House With An AC That Contains R22?

Owning or buying a house that has an air conditioning unit using R22 is not illegal. But if you ever have any issue with refrigerant then you’ll be left with a hefty bill. Running the air conditioning unit will also be taxing for your pocket. But you might be able to use the R22 using ac as a bargaining chip for the house. 

Who Can Repair AC Units Use R22?

The repair technicians of AC units containing R22 have to become EPA-certified. They have to pass an EPA-approved test. By bypassing the test they will receive what’s called Section 608 Certification. These certified technicians can present to you their credentials if you wish. 


And with that we know much more about EF 22a vs R22. If you are looking to get a new air conditioning unit, R22 is not even an option. The manufacturing of units containing R22 has been banned. 

Even so, EF 22a is the better and safer choice. It is more efficient, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.

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