Air Conditioner Blowing Too Hard – Causes & Solutions!

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Air conditioners are a lifesaver during both hot and cold weather. But if it somehow malfunctions and starts blowing too hard, that is an unpleasant situation.

That’s why you need to know what causes that. And what solutions you can try according to the causes.

So what can cause an air conditioner blowing too hard?

Blower motors overworking can be the problem to air conditioning blowing too hard. Accumulation of dust and blocked filters can also cause that. A faulty thermostat can also send wrong signals and make the motor kick up. Or it could be due to closed vents as well.

That gives us a primary insight into the probable causes. But to understand better you need to read the detailed article we prepared here. 

So let’s jump right into it!

What Causes the Air Conditioner to Blow Too Hard?

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine life without an HVAC system in your house. The heating, ventilation & air conditioning system comes in handy in any weather. And saves us from the effect of extreme weather conditions.

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Source: servicechampions

Well, they need to act a certain way to give us comfort. But a malfunctioning HVAC system can be a headache.

In the case of air conditioning, it gives us warm air or cold air. But if it is malfunctioning and blowing too hard it is a problem. 

How strong should air come out of vents? Well there isn’t a fixed measurement but it shouldn’t be too hard. Blowing too hard will cause an uncomfortable airflow inside your house. Also blowing too hard generates more sound.

To tackle this problem it is important to know beforehand what causes it. There are some reasons that are most of the time the reason behind the problem. Let’s check them out.

Accumulation Of Dust 

The blower motor and the filter of your air conditioner passes dust particles with them. After long use or exposure to too much dust, it can clog up the motor or the filter easily.

That can cause the motor to overwork for the slow airflow. And that can result in too much air coming out of vent. 

Having a ceiling and ac vents close by can cause dust to enter the vent as well. In this case, the fan won’t contribute anything to cooling but will cause problems for the air conditioner.

Adjusting Blower Motor Speed

The blower motors in air conditioners have variable speeds. They are set at a speed that is suitable for household functions. But it can be mistakenly set too high.

And if that is the case, you need to call in professionals to handle it. So that they can properly adjust the motor speed.

Thermostat Malfunction

If you see there is too much air coming out of vent. That means the motors are working overtime. And that can be because of thermostat problems.

Air conditioners provide us with hot or cold air. And the detection of the temperature in the house is done using a thermostat.

If the thermostat is somehow faulty, then it will send the wrong signals to the motor. And that can cause the motor to blow too hard.

Closed Vents

This is a common problem and a very sneaky one. If your house has unused rooms, you might think of closing the vents to those rooms. You might think that those rooms don’t need the air so it’s better to close the vents.

But closing the vents causes interesting problems. Just like on a highway, if one exit is blocked, the others have to handle more traffic. 

Similarly, in the vents, if more vents are closed then the air comes pushing hard through the open vents. And that resistance can also trick the motor to blow harder. 

That’s why choosing the right size of duct depends on AC that you have. Or it can cause too much air to come out of the vents creating extra pressure.

When there’s too much air coming out of vent,  the air conditioner blows hard.

Despite blowing hard, another problem can be not enough cold air. Many people face it. In that case, you should call professionals to do servicing.

Now that we know what the probable causes are. We should start looking for suitable solutions to these problems. Because having the air conditioner malfunction at a bad time can be very troublesome.

Solutions & Preventions

There are some solutions we can try on how to reduce airflow from vent. But for internal fixings, you need to get the help of a professional.

It’s a good practice to clean your vents and filters from time to time. Because the longer it gets to accumulate, the harder it gets to clean it. 

Apart from this, if you think that the blowing is troubling you, there’s another option. That is, to install an air deflector like Liveinu Air Deflector. It fits most of the ACs. Also, it’s super easy to install.

Apart from this, keeping the filter and the air conditioner clean is a good solution. In case you’re wondering what to clean with, we got you. Here’s our recommendation on what to clean your AC with.

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Keep all the vents in your home open. Even if the rooms are empty. Because closing the vents doesn’t help you in any way. But keeping the vents closed calls for problems.

So keeping all the vents open is a wise choice to make. That can stop too much air coming out of vent

If the problem is internal, such as motor malfunction. Then you need to take help from a professional. Generally, the service providers that installed the air conditioner are the best people to fix it.

Also, keep an eye on thermostat troubleshooting if yours is working properly. Replace the thermostat if you notice any fault.

That’s it! That’s how you can avoid this problem in the future. And professional help is just one call away.


What Is The Most Efficient Fan Speed In An Air Conditioner?’

Slow fan speed is the most efficient in AC. For faster cooling higher fan speed is used but overall the air is less cold. Thus less efficient. The slower the fan speed is, the more time air gets to stay in the evaporator. That causes the air to be colder.

Does AC Fan Speed Affect Electricity Consumption And Bill?

The fan speeds do have an effect on the electricity consumption. But the difference is very slight to have an effect on the bill. The most important part is to cool efficiently. And that can be done by making the air not leak in your home. That will allow the ac to work efficiently & effectively.

Can Ceiling Fans Help The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of An Air Conditioner? 

No, ceiling fans can’t help the efficiency and effectiveness of AC. Ceiling fans just take the air in the room and help it circulate around. To get cool air inside using a fan you need to let air in the house.

Wrapping Up

Well, that ends our discussion on air conditioner blowing too hard.

Remember to keep the air conditioner under regular checks and maintenance. Because a malfunction in the wrong weather can cost you greatly.

Until we meet again, best of luck!

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