About Airlucent

Hi, thanks for learning more about who we are and what we do here at Airlucent.com.

First off, myself (Tim David) and my HVAC buddy Felix got together one day after work at the bar and as we were talking about the latest jobs we were on, we both noticed that we were getting totally geeky about HVAC systems and air purification in general. So that led to the logical question of, “I wondered if people search online for issues about air quality and air systems”. Of course, we both knew the answer to that and decided right then and there to start an info site on air purification and to answer the most common questions on HVAC systems and heaters.

Thus Airlucent was born and we were off to the races to help as many people as possible.

Who Are We?

Tim David

Tim David Nelson

I started my career in 1985 in the HVAC industry and have been in it ever since. I should have retired a few years ago but this is what I do. I have since scaled back and I run my own repair service now and do local work mainly from referrals. I don’t want to be too busy anymore, plus I have a new hobby now with this blog where I can braindump all the industry knowledge I have acquired over 30+ years.

Felix Newton

Felix Newton2

Hi, Felix here, I’m glad to be part of a site where I can show off my knowledge about fixing HVAC issues. I started in the industry 5 years ago and met Tim on the job where he instructed me immensely and got me to where I am today. Please search for me on the site to see what HVAC issues I have written about to date. Most people have the same typical issues so I have addressed those first and will continue to troubleshoot and offer instruction over time. If you don’t see your specific issue on the site, please contact me and ask. I’m always up for a new challenge online.