Trane Error Code 22 – A Complete Discussion

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As regular users, we get confused with all the error codes we receive from Trane thermostat. While there are a lot of error messages we can get, one particular error code stands out. And that’s the “Trane error code 22”.

So, what does the Trane error code 22 tell us?

Trane Error code 22 expresses the soft-lock error in the thermostat. It occurs due to flame loss and can happen due to unsuccessful ignition attempts. For this, the furnace stays soft-locked for a significant period when you attempt ignition. Fault in flame sensing can also lead to this.

Looking for deeper insight? Please read along.

What Is Trane Error Code 22?

Electrical appliances face some common problems after using them for some time. The manufacturers assume a lot of them beforehand and try to provide solutions. For this, they sort the common problems using some specific codes.

These codes can vary in different products and manufacturers. Trane error codes are also provided with their furnaces. They have different code groups for different issues. For example, Trane error 26 indicates that the unit might be overheating. 

There’s also the Trane thermostat error 10 and the Trane thermostat error 91, etc.

What Is Trane Error Code 22
Different error codes and their meaning for Trane thermostat and furnace.

So, what does Trane Error code 22 mean?

Trane furnace error code 22 pops up when the flame sensor doesn’t work properly and the flame gets lost. Also, the ignition system fails and so the ignition attempts are unsuccessful. The draft switch gets induced, making the furnace gets heated to extreme temperatures and start malfunctioning. 

They can be even permanently damaged. This whole situation is referred to as error code 22.

A warning light on the control board will show the error code 22.

Reasons for Trane Error Code 22

There are several reasons for the Trane furnace to have fallen under error code 22. We gathered all the reasons here so that you can easily get to know them.

Reasons for Error Code 22

Undersized Furnace:

Every furnace is designed to work best within a certain area. Now you should purchase the furnace according to the size of your apartment space. If you buy an undersized furnace, it won’t work perfectly.

This means it will fail to generate enough heat to keep the house comfortable. As a result, it’ll take the furnace a long time to warm the house. In this process, if the furnace exceeds its capacity, the flame sensors will fail.

Thus the error code 22 will appear in your Trane furnace and cause you trouble.

Solution: Use Proper-Sized Furnace

Using an adequate-sized furnace is the most appropriate solution here. It’s really important to use the proper size furnace for your home. Do your measurements well before purchasing the furnace.

For example, a mid-sized 2000 square feet apartment might need around 60,000 BTU furnaces. In the same way, other sized spaces will have different requirements. So, understand your requirements first before making a purchase.

Faulty Flame Sensor:

Flame sensor creates the spark to ignite the furnace. So, it’s an important safety component for the furnace.

The flame sensor can get dirty over time. It can happen due to carbon buildup. And as a result, the sensor may not work properly. When the flame sensor fails, the communication between the circuit board and the furnace is lost.

The spark generation also stops and the ignition attempts are unsuccessful. Thus error code 22 occurs in the furnace.

Solution: Furnace Maintenance

Check up on the flame sensor regularly and clean it after a certain period. Keep the furnace filters neat and clean as well. 

For cleaning, I personally use the Nu-Calgon 4171-75 Evap Foam. It can easily liquidify any form of dirt, grease, oil and other residue. It’s also safe for use, so you won’t have to worry about damaging anything.

If the flame sensor gets permanently damaged, replace the sensor.

Faulty Flame Sensor

You’ll require the SEN01114 model furnace sensor for your Trane gas furnace. We have suggested some of the best SEN01114 furnace sensor in the market:

SEN01114 Flame Sensor Replacement for TraneCheck Price
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Primeswift SEN01114 Furnace Flame SensorCheck Price

Check out this S01114 furnace flame sensor from Aliexpress for a less expensive deal. You might have to wait a bit longer for the delivery. 

Obstructed Draft Pressure Switch:

There’s a draft pressure switch that works as a safety component. It makes sure that the draft inducer fan and the ventilation system are working properly. It also monitors the gas pressure inside the combustion chamber.

This pressure switch sometimes gets obstructed in the assembly of the inducer. As a result, the balance of the gas pressure is hampered. The furnace doesn’t get proper signals. The error code 22 occurs.

Solution: Remove Any Obstructions

Use a small drill bit to ream out the hole in the assembly. Do it until the obstruction is completely removed. I use my own set of drillbit, the Justinlau drill bit set that has the perfect size drill for this operation. The 3mm drill gets the job done very easily.

You can also go for the Dewalt Titanium Nitride drill bit set if you like bigger brands. The COMOWARE drill bit set can be just as useful for such small-scale operations.

Make sure that the inducer runs properly and that the switch can be opened and closed.

There may be other complex issues with the pressure switch. So, hiring a technician is the best option. They will fix it for you. And it isn’t costly at all to fix this problem. So, it won’t be hard on your pocket.

Alternatively, the pressure switch can also be the reason. You can also test the pressure switch yourself.

So, how to test a pressure switch on a furnace?

Start by disconnecting the wires from the pressure switch. Pull the wire connectors from the switch terminal. Setup a multimeter for testing resistance. Take the switch probes and touch each of them against the switch terminals. Your tester should read 0 or close to 0, indicating no resistance.

These are the reasons for Trane error code 22 in your furnace along with the solution. Follow any of them whichever is needed. And remember to ground your furnace before doing any repairing work.

Does Trane Covers This Issue Under Warranty?

You can also avail the warranty facility within a certain timeframe. Manufacturers provide this facility to compensate for their manufacturing errors. So, if you find any issue right out of the box, contact the manufacturing company.

Under the warranty policy, you can fix the issues from the manufacturers for free. So, use this golden opportunity if you can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Expected Service Life of a Trane Furnace?

A Trane furnace can give you up to 20 years of service life. However, a lot of it depends on how you use and maintain it. If you take good care of it, you’ll get the best outcome for a long time. Or else, it will perform less than average.

Should a 25-Year-Old Trane furnace be Replaced?

Normally, it would mean that the furnace is near its end of service lifespan. However, if the furnace still kicks in just fine for you, you can keep it. Good maintenance extends the lifespan of a furnace.

Can the Furnace be Run without a Filter?

No, it’s not possible to run your furnace without a filter. The filter does a sophisticated job by keeping the dust away from the furnace. So, you can not run the furnace without a filter.

When Should the Filters be Changed on a Furnace?

In the case of 1-2 inch filters, they should be changed every 1-3 months depending on usage. The timespan increases up to 9-12 months with the increase in the size of the filters.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to wrap up the Trane error code 22 discussion. We tried to cover all the aspects that you might need to know. Hope you liked it.

Try to understand other error codes as well so that you can fix them if necessary. It’s helpful to have the user manual nearby for a quick glimpse! That’s all for this time. 

Have a good time and take care.

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