Mini Split Cleaning Guide: Cost, Steps, and More

If you’ve noticed efficiency loss in your mini split AC recently, then it’s probably time to clean. Now, the cost of cleaning all the units might get overwhelming if you’re not aware of it beforehand.

So, how much does the mini split cleaning cost?

Cleaning a mini split AC ranges from $200-$400 per unit yearly. If it’s deep cleaning, the cost will be between $470-$1,280 per unit annually. But if you clean your split AC from home, the price will be significantly less. It’s half the amount of the earlier mentioned range.

Do You Need to Clean a Mini-Split AC?

First, you might wonder whether mini splits need to be cleaned.

The answer is yes; your mini splits unit needs to be cleaned. The air filters in the mini-splits need regular cleaning. However, you can clean them two weeks apart if you want.

Not only will cleaning provide better efficiency, but it also reduces energy consumption! So, it would be best to think more frequently about the cleaning part.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean A Mini Split AC?

However, the cost of cleaning a mini-split AC isn’t a mere amount. It’ll cost you $200-$400 yearly to clean a single mini-split AC unit. Cleaning indoor and outdoor units will cost you $400-$800.

You can clean them twice a year with this amount. Also, when cleaning the mini-split ac, you’d have to clean both units simultaneously. Getting a one-time cleaning for both units will take almost $400-$500. 

The cost will be even higher for deep cleaning. Mini-split deep cleaning costs $470-$1280 per unit yearly. Cleaning both AC units will cost you $940-$2,560 a year.

How to Clean Mini Split AC Unit?

Even for a single unit, that’s a crazy amount considering it doesn’t include duct maintenance.

How to Clean Mini Split AC Unit?

In this segment, we’ll go through two methods of cleaning a mini spit air conditioner. One is a DIY-er’s approach, and another will need professional help.

Method 1: Mini-Split AC Cleaning at Home

One of the best parts of a mini-split AC is that it’s ductless. It’s almost a blessing that you won’t have to deal with ducts for maintenance. Otherwise, it would have been a much more complex DIY project.

Mini-Split Cleaning Guide

A mini-split AC has two separate units. One is indoors, and another is outdoors. Cleaning the outdoor unit is a bit complex. 

We’ll get to that, but first here’s a list of things that you’ll need-

So, let’s start with the cleaning process of the outdoor unit.

Mini-Split AC Cleaning – Outdoor Unit

Cleaning the outdoor unit will be a little hectic. But the process isn’t complex. Here’s what you need to do-

Step-1: Clean Out the Dirt

There’ll be a lot of dust and debris hanging around your mini-split outdoor unit. Remove the bigger dirt, like leaves, debris, and twigs. Now, use a water hose to wet it down.

Use a mild scrubber or brush with soapy water to get the dirt out. Be careful with the AC fins that are crumbling. After cleaning the whole housing, dry it with a cloth.

Step-2: Cleaning the Fan Cage

Now, repeat the cleaning procedure on the grille of the AC. Use a thin brush to get all the dirt out. After it’s cleaned, remove the part and let it dry.

Now the fan blades should be exposed. Clean them with extra caution as they’re fragile. Clean the fan blades; you can do it with soapy water.

Step-3: Cleaning the Interiors

The internal surface must be polished using a damp cleaning cloth. Now use the vacuum to collect the interior dirt and debris. The condenser coil’s outer layer also has to be cleaned.

Use a water hose and coil cleaner for it. After it’s cleaned, check up on the condensate pan’s condition. Wipe out the dirt using a wet cloth.

After it’s cleaned and dried, use Fungistat and bacteriostat on the coil and condensate pan. It’s to fight bacterial infestation. These places’ habitats mold easily. 

Lastly, drain the hose of your split AC with soapy water. If there’s any blockage, it should come out. Think whether the drain line needs capping on this occasion.

Mini-Split AC Cleaning – Indoor Unit:

Cleaning of the indoor unit is also quite similar. Here are the steps-

Step-1: Clean the Exterior

Start with cleaning the AC surface with normal soap or dishwasher cleaners. Wipe the exterior with a wet cloth and dry it immediately with a cloth. 

Step-2: Clean the Air Filter

Locate the air filter for mini-split AC and remove it from the front panel. If the dirt isn’t heavy just wiping would do. But for excessive dirt, clean it in detergent or soapy water.

Clean The Air Filter on a Mini-Split

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s manual. It should recommend products and steps for cleaning the air filter. After cleaning, let it air-dry and then put it back in place.

Step-3: Clean the Coil

Remove the cabinet to access the evaporator coil. It’s preferable to use a dedicated evaporator coil cleaner. Use a cloth to wipe the coil. Do the same with the bowler wheel.

This space is especially prone to growing mold. To prevent that, apply Fungistat and bacteriostat on the evaporator coil. With this, the cleaning is complete.

Method 2: Professional Vs. DIY Cleaning

If your mini-split has been facing issues that are not being solved by a DIY cleaning approach, it’s better to seek professional help.

Several agencies across any city offer a home service of deep cleaning mini splits. This sometimes might require them to uninstall the indoor and outdoor units and take it to their workshop, but it’s completely worth it.

Compared to DIY-ing, here is a cost comparison of professional mini split cleaning services-

Cost Per UnitHVAC Service ProviderDIY
Indoor $200-$400$10-$20
Outdoor $200-$400$10-$30
Total $400-$800$20-$50

Cleaning at home is going to save you a lot of extra money. If you can pull the whole thing off, decide wisely. 

However, do remember that HVAC unit maintenance and services are crucial if you want better performance and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to clean the condensate line of your AC?

Cleaning the condensate line of your AC costs around $75-$200. The cost greatly depends on the condition of your condensate lines condition and duct size. If it’s clogged too much or has bigger ducts the cost will increase.

How much does it cost only to clean the coil?

Cleaning the evaporator coil ranges from $100 to $400. It’s located inside the indoor unit of the AC. The cost range is the same for the condenser coil as well. But it’s located in the outdoor unit.

What is the cost of cleaning AC ducts?

Cleaning the AC ducts will cost you around $350-$1,000. The bigger the duct size is the more it’ll cost for cleaning. The cleaning is done by vacuuming. The ducts require to be cleaned once every three years.


That was all about the mini split cleaning cost and how to do it right. Hopefully, this read was worth your time and will guide you to the right decision.

Don’t forget to clean your mini-split AC once every four months. It should go through a thorough checkup after every season passes.

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