iComfort Thermostat Keeps Rebooting- What to Do?

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You are an iComfort Thermostat user and suddenly you found it is constantly restarting.

Now you’re confused about why your iComfort thermostat Keeps rebooting. 

There are several reasons behind your iComfort thermostat rebooting. First, you should check whether the battery is dead. Other reasons include low refrigerant, or it could be undercharged. Check whether it’s running on a low-pressure safety cut-out switch. 

The solutions are also different based on the problem your iComfort thermostat is having.  This article will offer possible solutions to said problems.

So, let’s cut to the chase.

iComfort Thermostat Rebooting: Reasons and Solutions

When your iComfort Thermostat is rebooting over and over again, understand there’s a deeper problem. To protect the system from completely crashing, your thermostat is rebooting by itself. This is to mitigate the possible damage.  

If you have any of these Lennox iComfort Thermostats models, The reasons and solutions you see in the article apply to all of them.

  • Lennox 10f81 iComfort Thermostat
  • Lennox E30 Smart iComfort Thermostat
  • Lennox 12u67 iComfort S30 Thermostat
  • Lennox 12u67 iComfort S30 Ultra Thermostat
  • Lennox iComfort WiFi Touchscreen Thermostat
iComfort Thermostat
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Reason 1 of 3: Thermostat Battery is Dead

Just like any other smart device, the iComfort Thermostat control system requires a battery to function.

When your iComfort Thermostat keeps rebooting, the reason is most likely the battery. Either it is dying or close to dying. 

To preserve the battery power, the thermostat reboots itself to draw the power. 

However, due to low power, it can’t keep running. So it keeps shutting down and then restarts again

Solution: Replace Battery 

It’s important to keep the battery status in check. Because if old batteries are left in too long, the alkaline can melt inside. And that causes the system to fail often.

When you find out that the battery has died, immediately replace the batteries. 

Take out the old battery and install a new set of batteries in the control system. 

Also, remember to not use used and new batteries together. Sometimes this combination of batteries can trigger the thermostat to reboot.

Now, the iComfort thermostat AA, AAA Alkaline, or 3V disc-style lithium batteries. Some of the best batteries are listed below.

Replace Battery
Source: HVAC Boss

Reason 2 of 3: Clogged Pipe of the Thermostat

Say your iComfort Thermostat reboots itself multiple times and you can’t find anything through quick troubleshooting. Possibly the issue is rather a clogged drain pipe rather than the thermostat itself.

So, it’s time to confirm if you have clogged pipes or not. 

Normally water is generated in the air conditioner from condensation. Then the water flows through a drainage pipe. This pipe carries the water outside of your house through the wall. 

Sometimes the outside part of the pipe grows mold or mildew. This can completely clog the drain pipe. As a result, water backs up to the AC unit and completely blocks the pipe. The safety float switch shuts off the AC to prevent damage. 

Which as a result, causes the iComfort thermostat to reboot repeatedly

Solution: Clean the Drain Pipe

Cleaning the drain pipe of your AC unit will stop the iComfort Thermostat from rebooting.

You can clean the drain pipe using a shop vacuum or a wire toilet clog remover. 

Shop vacuum will suck the clogged material from the drain pipe. The wire toilet clog remover will help you clean the mold and mildew from the pipe.

For preventive measures, pour bleach into the drain pipe once a month. This will stop your drain pipe from clogging. 

Run EUC for at least half an hour to properly clean the AC unit. Turn on the thermostat and you will no longer have the rebooting issue. 

Remember to cap the drain line when you clean it.

iComfort Thermostat rebooting
Source: How To’s Guru

Reason 3 of 3: Low On Refrigerant

Check whether the refrigerant of your iComfort Thermostat is low

Running low on refrigerant can trigger your thermostat to reboot itself again and again. Reboot happens to accommodate the low quantity of refrigerant. 

Check if there’s any leak on your thermostat system around the house. 

Another reason is your iComfort thermostat on undercharged. To make it up to that, your thermostat is cycling on a low-pressure safety cut-out switch. 

This also triggers your thermostat to reboot itself again and again.

Solution: Charge Thermostat and Fill up Refrigerant

If your refrigerant is leaking, or low in quantity, repair and fill up the refrigerant. 

While refilling, be careful of venting refrigerants because it is illegal to vent refrigerants. You can face some serious legal trouble.

This will stop putting pressure on the thermostat from rebooting. 

And if your thermostat is undercharged, carefully change the thermostat. And always be cautious so that it is never undercharged. 

And if the above solutions fail to work, contact the manufacturer or repair service. They will analyze more into the matter. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Lennox thermostat not working?

If you discover that your iComfort thermostat isn’t functioning, the batteries are probably dead. Before turning them back on, install fresh batteries to see whether that is the case. Another reason may be short cycling. You can get a repairman to look at the issue if it still becomes a problem.

Why does my thermostat keep turning off?

The reason why your iComfort Thermostat is turning is that the batteries may be dead. The iComfort thermostats need batteries that must be replaced around once a year. Say your battery-operated thermostat’s screen has gone blank. Your first line of defense should be to test a new pair of batteries.

How do I reset my Lennox iComfort thermostat?

You can follow these few simple steps to reset your Lennox iComfort Thermostat. Firstly, find the reset button. Then press the button and wait a few seconds. The display screen will go black. The home screen will appear after that. When the screen comes back on, your thermostat will be reset.  


That was all the solutions for when your iComfort thermostat keeps rebooting. We hope you manage to solve the issue using the information we provided in the article. 

Do you have any tips that would help other thermostat users? Do share with us in the comment section. 

Good day!

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