How To Reset A Nest Thermostat [SOLVED]

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Are you having some problems with the Nest thermostat and want to reset it to fix it? If so, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about resetting your thermostat.

To reset your nest thermostat, press the ring to open the quick view menu, then choose settings. Turn the ring to select reset. Then choose the option that best suits the type of reset you want.

To reset your Nest Thermostat without a PIN:

1.       unlock the Thermostat by selecting it on the Nest App

2.       Click Settings on the top-right and select “Unlock”.

3.       Click on the Nest Thermostat unit to bring up the main menu

4.       Select the ‘Settings’ option and click on the ‘Reset’ option to the right.

5.        Select the ‘All Settings’ option at the bottom.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before rebooting or restarting your thermostat. The first thing to note is the difference between resetting and restarting. If your thermostat is unresponsive or frozen, you might want to restart it. 

However, if you need more than just restarting, you may have to restore your thermostat settings to factory defaults.

The table below shows the main differences between restarting and resetting a Nest thermostat.

Restarting The NestResetting The Nest
Is a helpful troubleshooting step when your thermostat is frozen or unresponsive, has trouble connecting to the internet, or is not working correctly.Useful when: you are moving the thermostat from one home to another or when you are leaving your thermostat and want to erase personal information.
Maintains all settings, just like when you restart your phone or computerCan erase some settings, and in other cases, all settings can be lost

So, if you have decided that you are going to reset your nest thermostat, here is how you are going to do it.

Important note: Before you reset your thermostat write down the current settings and configurations.

On your Nest thermostat:

1.       Go to settings—-equipment

2.       Take note of the system wires, system type, and safety temperatures.

To reset your nest thermostat, follow these 3 simple steps

1.       Press the ring, and on the quick view menu, choose settings

2.       Then turn the ring to select reset options.

3.       Choose the type of reset you need. Below are the main options of nest thermostat reset you can choose from

 Nest Thermostat Reset Options

1)      Schedule

When you choose to reset your thermostat by the Schedule, this option will erase your schedules, which means you will have to add schedules again from scratch, or you may have to wait for your Nest to learn your new schedules.

Another vital thing to note about the schedule reset option is that it will erase your boiler settings if the same thermostat s is used to control it. So, if there is any schedule for the boiler or hot water heater, they will be erased.

2)      Network

This option, when selected, will erase all network information from your thermostat. Your thermostat will also forget your Wi-Fi network password.

After this reset, your thermostat won’t connect to the internet; you’ll need to go to network settings and enter with Wi-Fi password again.

3)      Away

Use this option if your home has been remodeled or you have moved your thermostat to another location in your home. Your thermostat will typically learn about its location in a few days.

Because your thermostat learns about how often you walk by to help other connected devices as you come and go. All the learned information will be lost from this reset.

4)      All settings

This option will:

  •  Reset any learning
  • Reset your thermostat to defaults
  • Erase all personal settings from your thermostat.]

Now, those are the options for resetting your thermostat.

However, you’ll need to remove your thermostat from your account to do an all-settings reset. Otherwise, the reset will fail.

To remove your nest from your account, go to the google home app. After the resetting is complete, you’ll need to set it up just like you did when you first installed it.

 But if you don’t need a reset but need a restart if your thermostat is frozen or not responding, here is how you restart it:

1.       Press the ring on your thermostat for 10 seconds until the thermostat screen goes blanks

2.       To turn back on your thermostat, press and release the ring.

Why Does My Nest Thermostat Keep Resetting Itself?

If your thermostat keeps resetting itself to a specific temperature point, this is probably because you have an auto-schedule enabled.

Suppose you have a nest or nest learning model because the nest thermostat doesn’t have an auto schedule.  You can disable schedules if you don’t want your thermostat to reset to auto schedules. Below are the steps you can follow to disable auto schedules:

On your nest app, select the nest thermostat and go to settings. Go on auto schedule and tap the switch to turn It off. Then go to your nest thermostat and choose settings—auto schedule—off.

Final thoughts

Well, that is all you need to know about resetting and restarting your thermostat. We hope that you have resolved any issues you had. If not, we recommend that you call nest customer support for further instructions on how to reset your nest.

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