How to Remove a Carrier Infinity Thermostat from the Wall

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It’s annoying when your thermostat suddenly stops working, right? But what makes it worse is when you discover that your thermostat is completely broken down.

This usually calls for the help of a professional. But in this guide, I’ll show you how to remove the Carrier infinity thermostat from the wall so that you can fix it yourself or replace it with a new one.

Firstly, you need to shut the power down to the thermostat. Secondly, you need to pull the cover off of the thermostat. If you choose, you may use a screwdriver. Lastly, note the wiring. Taking pictures of the wiring is an easy option. 

Let us now go to the article to learn how you need to finish the whole process.

How to Remove a Carrier Infinity Thermostat!

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Step 1: Shut Down the Power 

Your HVAC system should be turned off. A service switch near the air handler can disconnect the other systems in your house. So you should be extra cautious while switching off the HVAC system.

Turn off the heater, air conditioner, and other equipment before you proceed with the operation. You don’t want to switch on a compressor by accident. Because of the rapid on/off, they can occasionally fail. 

You’ll also need a new thermostat and a new heat pump compressor, among other things. Then again, if you want to be more secure, just turn off the whole system’s power. This is the safest option. 

Step 2: Remove the Cover 

This is perhaps the most challenging step of the process. The cover typically snaps into place on the wall-mounted base plate. Look around the edge of the cover. It might be trickier to get around the Carrier Infinity Thermostat lock

Try to find and understand the locking mechanism that secures it to the base plate. 

Sometimes it’s merely a snap-fit that pops off with a tug. A small screwdriver or knife may be necessary to release plastic teeth that match with appropriate recesses. You can also use a heavy-duty hand drill

There is another trick that will make it easier. When you try to remove the cover, you will see some popup keys. They will be on the side of some carrier thermostat models. You just need to squeeze the cover on the side and pull it off.

Step 3: Remove the Base Plate

The base plate will be secured to the wall with two, three, or four tiny mounting screws. Two or more thermostat conductors will also be attached to the base plate. 

Take a photo of the wiring before unplugging anything. Or you can also list the colors of the wires that connect each terminal. At the very least note which wire is linked to which terminal.

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While installing a new thermostat, you must know the accurate gauge wire for the thermostat.

This will help you to connect the thermostat when you get it fixed. 

If you don’t like the interface of the Carrier Infinity thermostat, you can always go for alternatives. Here’re some other thermostat brands that you can try for a change:

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Ecobee3 Lite SmartThermostatPower efficient
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Honeywell Home RCHT8610WF T5 Smart Thermostat Works with Alexa
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These are the most common and well-renowned thermostats in the market right now. You just must select the one suiting your budget and preferences.

This is the simplest way to remove the carrier thermostat from the wall. 

Things You Should Keep an Eye on

See if the wire colors do match up while changing a thermostat. If they don’t, call the support number in the directions. That is a mistake people make several times. 

Unless you’re an HVAC expert or already know how each cable works. They aren’t ordinarily color-coded thermostats that match your wall wiring colors. This has been a personal experience with many users.

The number of wires and the functions of each one vary widely.

So, it’s highly recommended if you find any fault in the wiring, then it’s safe to call for an expert. You should always maintain workplace safety precautions.


How Do You Change the Batteries in a Carrier Infinity Touch Thermostat?

To change the batteries, slide the thermostat box to remove it from the wall. Slide the battery cover off the rear side, and lay it aside. Then remove the batteries once it’s turned off. Replace the old batteries with new ones, taking note of their orientation.

How Do You Test a Carrier Infinity Thermostat?

You need to run the diagnostic system to test the Carrier Infinity Thermostat.  Select “Checkout” in the “Install/Service” menu, and press the “Scroll” button at the bottom. To choose “Select,” press the right button in the thermostat’s center. The diagnostic system will examine each component of the heating and cooling system.

Can You Change a Thermostat without Shutting Off the Power?

No, doing so increases the risk of electrocution, which is never good, especially for a do-it-yourselfer. Everything is working, and you didn’t burn down your house. So you got away with it, but this was a horrible decision. It’s hazardous.

Parting Words 

That concludes our guide on removing the carrier infinity thermostat from the wall

It is quite an easy process if you maintain all the steps eventually and carefully. Contact an expert if you don’t have any previous experience in dealing with electrical objects.

Till the stay safe while working with electricity. 

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