Supco SPP6 vs SPP6e- Which One To Get?

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Supco compressor capacitors have always been a reliable tool for stuck compressors. However, people often get confused when buying between the Supco SPP6 and SPP6e. We understand if this dilemma is bothering you too.

So, between supco spp6 vs spp6e– which one should you buy?

Firstly, if you consider the operating voltage, the Supco SPP6 operates at a higher voltage than the SPP6e. Again the HP range of SPP6 is 1/2 – 10 hp whereas the HP range for SPP6e is 1/2 – 3 HP. Next, if you consider the cost then the SPP6 is cheaper than SPP6e. 

This is just the surface-level information regarding these two capacitors. There is much more that you need to know to pick one. 

So, what’re we waiting for? Let’s get right into it, shall we? 

Why Compare These Two?

Well, there are many reasons why you might require a Supco SPP6 Or Supco SPP6e. It helps you get out of adverse situations. Adverse situations can be like low voltage where the AC makes noise when there is a power outage

Now, why these two? The Supco SPP6 and SPP6e are two of the most reliable capacitors out on the market. However, the SPP6 comes at a much lower price than the SPP6e. 

This creates confusion among people in a lot of cases. Is the extra bucks worth it for the SPP6e? Is the cheaper SPP6 enough for your air conditioner?

The comparison is necessary for exactly finding the right answers to these questions. The right answers will help to choose the right one and might help you save money too! 

This article was written with those exact intentions. So, let’s begin our hunt, shall we?

Head-to-Head Comparison 

Here, we’ll take a sneak peek at the differentiating factors between the supco spp6 and spp6e. This will give you an idea of the head-to-head comparison. Let’s begin!

FeatureSupco SPP6Supco SPP6e
Relay TechnologyIt uses a PTC positive temperature coefficient relay.It uses an Electronic Potential Relay (EPR).
Operating Voltage 90 to 277 VAC170 to 277 VAC
Capacitor Size130 to 156 MFD88 to 106 MFD
HP Range1/2 – 10 hp1/2 – 3 hp
CompatibilityIt can be used on any AC unit starting from 4,000 BTU to 120,000 BTU.It can be used on any AC unit starting from 6,000 BTU to 36,000 BTU.
PricingCheck Price Now!Check Price Now!

Hopefully, now you have a head-to-head idea of the features that set these two apart. Now, take a look at this graph for a more comprehensive overview:

H2S CXUsJCmr1eYgTLnALTZJ0RrTUCpfnohDEotFoW1zI0PldKfaxNPcyAbZ8Xobey8Wqx5c0UG2q134l Bg8tETY5nd2tjR7fwmfHZBCS2 d f52N57kgzks7W84lSNkzvTCNeyLdRmcYLZEA

Now, the next section will provide you with an in-depth idea of these features.

To the next section!

Detailed Comparison

Well, by now I’m sure that you have got the zest for these two capacitors. Now, is it enough information to choose the right one? Of course not right! 

So, let’s dive into more detail.

Which One Uses the Better Relay Technology?

The Supco SPP6 uses PTC or positive temperature coefficient relay technology. This relay technology uses a PTC thermistor. This PTC thermistor increases resistance on par with increasing temperatures. 

The motor ignition cycle of the refrigeration compressors is divided into 2 windings. The primary winding is called the Winding Run, and the secondary winding is termed START.

A lot of people put their trust in Supco SPP6 as you can see here-

An Electronic Potential relay or EPR is a switch controlled by electricity. Electromagnetic coils typically operate their motor shifting mechanism. When the coil is engaged, a relay contact that is open will turn on the electricity to a circuit.

Both these relay technologies work really well for compressors. However, the EPR relay is a bit more efficient than the PTC relay. 

Verdict: The Supco SPP6e uses better relay technology, which is the EPR relay.

Which One Has a Better Operating Voltage Range?

For say, a capacitor with a max operating voltage of 25V. It may perform effectively and safely up to that voltage without causing any damage. It will be damaged if we put more than 25V throughout the capacitor.

maHDLl2S5Eym75NffhuxXAGWN2fH2jYgF5SOxao QmmEkRG9eh9kLZaf3FBywVaKnYqHcdLY6STl3CQW9jBRNbEtXPo91q hXbFiNPmg4vo2Y23FRNK2pt7lDKC93Z4kPhtH02oA6dpvqakv g


The operating voltage of Supco SPP6 is 90 to 277 VAC. It means it can operate at a minimum of 90 VAC and a maximum of 277 VAC. This is a very impressive operating voltage count for a hard start capacitor. 

It can operate in a voltage shortage at around just 90 VAC. At the same time, still tolerate a voltage like 277 VAC.

If we talk about the E class SPP6e, the operating voltage is 170 to 277 VAC. This capacitor is able to operate at a high voltage like 277, but not at low voltages. Unlike the SPP6, SPP6e needs a minimum of 170 VAC to operate.

Verdict: The SPP6 has a better operating voltage rate.

Which One Has A Smaller Capacitor Size?

Capacitor sizes often do not make that much of a difference when it comes to air conditioners. However, the bigger the capacitor, the more energy it consumes. And with higher energy consumption comes overheating issues. Overheating is one of the causes of low-pressure lockout.

The Supco Spp6 has a capacitor size of 130 to 156 MFD. On the other hand, the Supco SPP6e’s capacitor size stands at 88 to 106 MFD. 

wafMo8AKLgQG x1bWUN9kU1zdfOGqMVLP7I9hE2gXfZOgJwDMEQdmqveShRMqM8HYuTlj88g09 OTh74N78f7rgTVVhfFSYZ1wyhe8 4pPBDNrJh29I2vtwC myqDQk7gt6Ji4dQz8SgrYS6SQ


The smaller-sized capacitor gives the Supco SPP6e a fair edge on this feature. It will consume much less energy and ensure there is no unnecessary heat generated. Your air conditioner will not face overheating issues for a long time.

Verdict: The Supco SPP6e wins this round as it has a comparatively smaller capacitor. The smaller-sized capacitor is enough for the ACS.

Which One Has A Higher HP Range?

The HP range in air conditioners implies how much heat it can reduce. Generally, 9000 BTU of heat can be discarded in an hour by a 1 HP capacitor. The more the merrier!

The Supco SPP6 has an HP range of ½ to 10 Hp. Whereas, the SPP6e’s HP range is ½ to 3 HP.

This indicates that the SPP6 will be able to reduce more heat compared to the SPP6e. You can calculate the hp range of your ac considering your room size as this will help you get the right one.

Verdict: The Spp6 is a clear winner here!

Which One Has a Wider Compatibility range?

The Supco SPP6 can be used on any AC unit starting from 4,000-120,000 BTU. However, the SPP6e can be used in AC units ranging from 6,000 to 36,000 BTU. 

The wider range of SPP6 means it is compatible with more types of air conditioners. 

Verdict: The SPP6 prevails!

Which One Is Cheaper?

Cost is an important aspect to consider. Some products have a better value for money than others. 

Now, the Supco SPP6 costs you no more than around $14. On the flip side, the Supco SPP6e costs you around $35.

Verdict: The SPP6 comes in much cheaper!

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Well, in the end, the call is yours! Here’s a quick table that summarizes all the details of these capacitors:

ProductFeaturesWhere To Get
SPP6Has lesser heat and is ideal for ACs with larger BTUGrab Now from Amazon!
SPP6EHas better relay tech and is better for ACs with smaller BTUGrab Now from Amazon!

If you are looking for better relay tech, the SPP6e will be best for you. If you want more heat reduced, SPP6 is the perfect solution with an EPR relay.

If your AC is within 6000-36000 BTU, the SPP6e will be enough for you. You won’t need the larger range of SPP6. 

And lastly, if you are looking for a cheaper solution, the SPP6 is much more affordable! 

That’s everything you need to know about SPP6 and SPP6E.


Why is your AC not overheating?

Your air conditioner could be overheating due to a faulty capacitor. This is a rather common case for many. Having a faulty capacitor means your air conditioner is consuming unregulated energy. This could overheat the Ac and result in your ac being damaged beyond repair.

Can the AC capacitor be too small?

Yes, you could very well get a capacitor too small for your AC by mistake. This will shorten the lifespan of your AC since it will not get sufficient energy for operating. Your air conditioner will not work properly and the temperature will not drop a bit.

Is the Supco SPP6e overpriced?

Honestly, the Supco SPP6e is not overpriced at all. With the extra bucks, you get much better relay technology which increases efficiency. This capacitor is also very long-lasting since it is small in size and doesn’t overheat much.

Final Words

This was all about supco spp6 vs spp6e. Hopefully, now you can choose one for your AC.

Make sure you pick the capacitor compatible with your AC.

Till next time, adios!

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