White Rodgers Thermostat Keeps Resetting to 85 [Fixed]

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When a White Rodgers thermostat keeps resetting to 85, it could be caused by power interruptions, low battery levels, compatibility issues with the HVAC system, or outdated firmware. To fix this issue, try resetting the thermostat, updating its firmware, replacing its batteries, and ensuring proper maintenance.

white rodgers thermostat
Low batteryDepleted or low battery level
Power interruptionsPower outages or electrical disruptions
Program is in placeDisable any scheduled programs
Firmware issuesSof  tissues or firmware updates
Blown fusesReplace fuse

The above chart summarizes  the common causes for a white rodgers thermostat that keeps resetting to 85 degrees.

Let’s dive into the details of each of the above problems.

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Low battery

This is one of  the commonest problems in thermostats and that is probably the reason your white white rodgers keep resetting to 85 degrees.

When did you  last change batteries in your thermostat. Thermostat battery can last 10-12 months. If it has been more than 10 months since you last replaced the batteries then this is the time to replace your thermostat.

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When the battery is too low or about to, they can bring about all sorts of problems.  Here are some signs of low battery in your thermostat.

  • Thermostat keeps resetting itself to 85  degrees, the factory default setting
  • Screen intermittently goes blank after you have set your desire temperature and this is followed by thermostat retting the temperature
  • Sometimes your thermostat will know respond when you try adjusting the temperatures
  • You will also see a faint display at times although in many cases the battery icon will blink to let you know that it is time to replace your battery.

See How to check the thermostat from the wall and check the battery status.

Take a look at the battery thermostat, are they leaky? Replace them to fix the problem.

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Power interruption/outages

If your HVAC system experiences power interruptions and your thermostat uses the C wire, you may also notice your thermostat resetting to 85 degrees. This can be due to loose wiring connection to your thermostat causing intermittent power supply.

You might want to remove your thermostat cover and check on the wiring. Ensure  the C wire if firmly connected to the terminal, the c wire is typically blue and supplies power to the thermostat.

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Scheduled programs

Does everything above look great but your thermostat continues resetting to 85? You might want to check if your thermostat is programmed or scheduled. If you live with other people in the household ask if there is any one who programmed the thermostat and disable  the schedules accordingly.

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Blown fuse

Another possible reason your thermostat is resetting to s specific  temperature could be that there is a blown fuse on the circuit control board. There can be a number of 5 amps fuses on your HVAC system to protect the  unit  when there is a power surge.

When you have blown fuses they can cause many issues with your thermostat and one of the issues is making your thermostat reset to a specific temperature.

Fuses are usually  inexpensive and can easily be replaced. However you might need a multimeter to test the fuse for continuity just to be sure that it is actually causing this problem.

To fix  a blown fuse problem, you need to replace it.

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Final thoughts

We have now learnt what causes your white rodgers thermostat to keep resetting to 85. We hope you have fixed this problem and are enjoying the comfort of your desired temperature. 

Otherwise if the problem doesn’t go away after tying out the tips in these guides, it’s probably because your thermostat is bad and you might need to get a replacement. 

However it’s also important that you get a second opinion from White Rodgers support  before  getting  a new replacement.

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