Sensi Thermostat Not Cooling [Solved]

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Is your Sensi thermostat not cooling your home when your turn it on?  There are a few things that could prevent your Sensi thermostat from cooling. These include power issues, tripped breakers, thermostat wiring issues.

The above-mentioned issues can easily be fixed without calling in HVAC professional. But for other issues, you might need the help of professionals. Now let’s dive right into the details below.

sensi touch thermostat not cooling
A sensi touch thermostat set up

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Why is My Sensi Thermostat Not Cooling?

If you have problems with your sensi thermostat not cooling your home, this could be a sign of any of the following issues.

1. Delay Mode

Did you turn off and on your cooling too quickly?  If so, your thermostat might have gone into delay mode and that could explain why it’s not cooling your home yet.

Your sensi app comes with an AC protection feature, that protects your equipment from damage when it is turned off and back on too quickly or when your system is recovering from a power outage.

Check your thermostat display again. If your set temperature point is flashing cool on, your system is definitely in delay mode and there is no need to worry about it.

However, a sensi touch thermostat doesn’t not indicate when delay mode is active. You’ll need to check your Sensi app to verify if delay mode is on. Its also worth noting that delay mode does not take more than 5 minutes.

2. Your AC Unit Is Not Powered Up

Your sensi thermostat will not turn on cooling if your HVAC system is not connected to power. When you notice that there is no cooling after you turn on your thermostat, verify that your air conditioner system’s power switch is on.

 You can also check if your outdoor unit is running and if its not running, then there is a good chance that that your system is not powered up. And that could be the reason why your thermostat is not turning on your ac.

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3. Tripped Circuit Breaker

Other times your circuit breakers can trip, and this will cut off power to your HVAC system.  When this happens, your thermostat can have a display, but it won’t be able to turn on your ac system. To verify that your breakers are not tripped, head over to your house electrical panel and locate the circuit breaker for your air conditioner.

If the breaker is tripped, reset it. Typically, a tripped breaker will lie in the middle position. Pull it to the other side before resetting it to its normal position.

Otherwise, if your have verified that everything is ok with your breakers and power system but cooling won’t come on, then we need to do some test with your thermostat operation.

To test your thermostat, do this,

  1. Use your wall thermostat directly, not through the app. Turn off your thermostat and wait for about 5 minutes to ensure that everything it turned off.
  2. Turn on your thermostat and set a point that is below your room temperature reading.
  3. Wait a few minutes for cooling to start. If cooling does not start, you might want to restart your thermostat.

4. Your Thermostat Needs a Reset

After trying out the above tips and your thermostat won’t cool then try resetting your thermostat. To reset a sensi smart thermostat follow these steps:

  • Pull off the face of your thermostat from the wall.
  • Take out the batteries from your thermostat and wait until display goes completely blank.
  • Insert the batteries back into your thermostat.
sensi installation kit
Sensi thermostat installation kit

To reset a sensi touch thermostat.

  • Tap menu
  • Select ‘about thermostat’ then
  • Select factory reset thermostat

5. Bad Thermostat Wiring

When there is no cooling in your home after turning on your thermostat, there could be something wrong with your thermostat wiring. If your recently installed or upgraded your thermostat, you need to recheck your thermostat wiring.

sensi thermostat wiring
sensi thermostat wiring

You have to know what type of system you are using in order to wire your thermostat correctly.

For a conventional cooling/heating system, see the wiring diagram below for your sensi thermostat.

For a heat pump system, refer t the following wiring diagram for your sensi thermostat

6. Loose Wires

Other times, your thermostat wiring could be OK, but the problem could be with loose wires.  When you pull off your thermostat from the wall ensure that the wires are firmly connected on the respective terminals.

Verify also that there are no wires come out when you tug on them. 

More Issues That Could Prevent Your Sensi Thermostat from Cooling

1. Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters could be another reason your sensi thermostat is not cooling your home. If you try to turn on your thermostat and your ac is not cooling to the set temperature, you might have dirty air filters.

Filters are found in your indoor air handler or at the return vents. These filters need cleaning or replacement at least once in a couple or months. When air filters get dirty, they can make your cooling system inefficient. This could prevent your ac system from cooling enough.

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2. Covered Or Blocked Condenser Unit

Your condenser or ac outdoor unit helps with releasing heat to the outside air from your home. To do this job efficiently, the condenser unit doesn’t have to be blocked by nearby shrubs or other objects for it to dispose heat.

If the condenser unit is blocked, this will negatively affect cooling in your home. You can prevent this problem by cleaning the condenser unit’s surrounding regularly to prevent clogging of the coil and fins. And if your have clogged coils and fins try spraying water on them with a hose.

3. Stuck Reverse Valve

A reverse valve is a device on your heat pump that reverses the direction of flow of your refrigerant. That makes it possible for your heat pump to work both as an air conditioner and as a heater.

Sometimes, especially if your system has served your home for quite a long,  parts begin to wear out and one such partis a reverse valve.

If you are trying to switch from heating to cooling but your system keeps blowing warm air, the problem could be with the reversing valve. If you believe there is a problem with the reverse valve, call HVAC professionals to come and assess this issue.


How do I know if my Sensi thermostat is working?

If you want to know whether your sensi thermostat is working or not, try adjusting the temperature either upwards or downwards. When a thermostat is set to cooling, you will hear a soft clicking sound. Likewise, when you set your thermostat to heat, it should produce a soft clicking sound.

What does FN mean on a Sensi thermostat?

The ‘FN’ is a fan circulating feature on your sensi thermostat settings. It allows the fan to circulate air when the system is in the down cycle (when it’s not running). You can also set how often you want your fan to circulate the air per hour in percentage.

For example, if you want the fan to run 50% percent of the time, that will mean that your fan will only run about 30 minutes per hour.

Final Thought

Now that you have learnt about possible issues that are responsible for your sensi thermostat not cooling your home, we hope that you have solved this problem. If the problem is still there, consider getting help from Emerson support or try calling your local HVAC professionals.

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