Trane Error Code 184 – Reasons & Solutions

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When a thermostat comes up with errors, it’s a troublesome situation.

Thermostats seldom break down and require repair, with some exceptions. For Trane thermostats, one of these exceptions is the display suddenly displaying error number 184.

So, what happens when you are facing the Trane error code 184?

Trane Error Codes 184 is mainly a lockout problem. The error code represents different types of subcodes. 184.08 is a hard lockout with a stop mode error. 184.07 has heating and cooling issues. Lastly, the 184.04 has low suction pressure protection. People usually face these three problems the most. 

I’ll break down every sub-184 error code problem below.

Why is Trane Error Code 184 Showing?

The Trane error code 184 has some sub-error codes. That sub-error code has different causes of problems. Here we will talk about the three sub-error codes, which are:

  • Trane Error Code 184.08
  • Trane Error Code 184.07
  • Trane Error Code 184.04

These three are one of the main error codes of 184. Let’s talk about these three sub-error codes thoroughly. 

Trane 184 Error Codes

Trane Error Code 184.08

The error code 184.08 is shown because of the universal hard lockout state. Trane HVAC Error Code 184.08 indicates the stop mode error. When the system reaches the hard lockout state, the Universal Hard Lockout Outdoor EEV will open.

During that time, look into the notifications that led to this lockdown. To remove hard lockout, power cycle the outside device, or clean the CDA’s fault history. After that, reboot your system to check if it is working properly. 

You need to look for alerts when the system enters the hard lockout. 

  • The Trane 184.08 indicates that the gas leak resulted from a faulty compressor.
  • When the compressor overheats, it causes this issue and makes a “whistling” sound. 
  • And when running in reverse, both of which are signs of an overheated state.
  • A faulty compressor often outputs an E4 and an AC1 error signal. 
  • After that, 184.08 errors might guide you to a faulty compressor in your system.
  • A power limit has been exceeded, which is a typical HVAC error code 184.08.

Trane Error Code 184.07

Trane HVAC error code 184.07 is a heating and cooling issue that various factors can cause. It means that your furnace is not producing adequate heat from time to time.  It takes a certain amount of time for the furnace to heat.

Let’s see some facts about this error code

  • Filthy heating and cooling coils, faulty sensors, and dirty blowers are the causes of this code. 
  • The Trane heating and cooling systems failed. 
  • It might also be costly to repair. And the problem might persist for months without being resolved. 
  • A filthy or clogged filter indicates an issue with the blower motor. It can also be an issue with the gas valve. 

It can happen due to the maximum protection shutdown numbers for the error code. You need to check for any faults regarding the previous hard lockouts. 

Trane Error Code 184.04

In Heating Mode, the 184.04 error code indicates Low Suction Pressure Protection. It quietly locks out every 5 minutes. When it locks out, two suction pressures occur. 

First, the 4TWV and 4A6V versions have a suction pressure of less than 13 PSIG. Second, the suction pressure is less than 25 PSIG in the 4TWL9 and 4A6L9 types. Let’s find out the reason behind why this error code is happening. 

  • Low battery charge
  • EEV pumping reduction
  • Low side constraint
  • Pressure transducer malfunction or failure.
  • The outdoor temperature is less than -10°F.
  • The outside coil became frosted over.
  • No or little outside airflow.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Trane Error Code?

By resetting the system, you may quickly clear the code. Turn off the power, wait approximately a minute, and then restart the system. Consulting an HVAC professional may be the best option if this approach doesn’t remove the code.

However, you might need to be patient while handling customer care.

Guide to Reset a Trane Thermostat Error

When you have this problem with your thermostat, you should reset it first. Resetting the thermostat is not that difficult. If you follow the instructions below, you can do it independently. Let’s know the process: 

  • Check that the HVAC system is turned off.
  • Locate the switch that is linked to the thermostat in the breaker box.
  • Turn off the light by flipping the switch.
  • Wait for a half minute.
  • Return the switch to the ON position.
  • Give the system some breathing room.

You may use the thermostat to switch off and on the system. Rather than that, you can reset the device at the breaker. 

You should also check the gauge wire of the thermostat once in a while. In any event, wait about a minute before restarting the machine. It may take up to ten minutes for the device to begin running.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What happened to my Trane thermostat?

If there’s something wrong with the thermostat, don’t panic. Replace the batteries and check whether your thermostat turns back on. If replacing the batteries doesn’t help, the issue might be with your living area’s power supply. If you can safely reach your circuit breaker, try turning it on. After that, restart your thermostat.

What does system idle on a thermostat mean?

System idle on a thermostat indicates that the system is not turned on. Waiting indicates that the t-stat has requested heat and cool. And that the system is in a 3-5 minute wait period (5 min normal). As for system operation, it does not appear to be working well.

Why isn’t my Trane thermostat heating up?

Your thermostat may be heating up because it’s incorrectly adjusted or set too low. Check that your thermostat is adjusted for heat. The temperature was set 2 to 4 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. Change or wash your filters.

What exactly does Trane error 126 mean?

A Trane error code 126 signifies a communication barrier between your HVAC unit. The controller; in a Trane 950, the code signals a low-temperature lockout. In any event, the easiest method to solve the problem is to reset the entire system. 

Bottom Line

Have you got your answers yet? I think you did. I talked about all the trane error code 184. It should clear up all your confusion and worries about this problem.

 Now, you can fix your sub-error code under 184. 

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Take care. Have a good day!

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