Can You Use an Air Purifier and Humidifier Together?

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Humidifiers are supposed to increase humidity while an air purifier is built to clean the air. Those two machines do not serve the same purpose.

It is okay to use air purifiers and humidifiers in the same room because humidifiers may release impure water particles especially when not cleaned. An air purifier will then clean the air by removing those impurities.

Air purifier and humidifier in the same room (Advantages)

It is a good idea to invest in a machine that have the two in one. Air purifier and humidifier combo will be very effective especially if you have asthmatic people in the house.

It is also cheaper because there will be no need to service and maintain two different machines at the same time.

Air purifier and humidifier in the same room
Air purifier and humidifier in the same room

Below are some reasons why it is okay to have humidifier and air purifier in the same room:

1. Clears allergens

Allergens are the small particles in the air that trigger allergies. When we breathe in, those allergens can have a negative reaction to our system. Allergens include dander, dust mites, and pollen that sensitive people are known to react with easily.

Humidifiers can cause lung irritations especially when they are filled with non-distilled water. The minerals in dirty water will fill the air and when the humidifier is left to run for a long time, it can trigger unpleasant asthmatic symptoms.

If humidifiers are left without proper cleaning and maintenance, it is easy for mold to start growing in them.

The moisture and warmth inside the machine provide a good habitat for molds to thrive. Those will then introduce mold spores in the room when the machine is turned on.

This is why you will need air purifiers in the same room. Advanced air purifiers will absorb and destroy those allergens in the air. This will leave you with a clean atmosphere that is very safe especially for asthmatic patients.

2. Reduces airborne infections

Another advantage of keeping humidifiers and purifiers in the same room is that some airborne virus and allergens are extra small. Those cannot be trapped by the air cleaners and they can still be released into the air.

The good news is that humidifiers can help in regulating the amount of virus and flu-causing agents in the air when the right humidity is set. For example, 70% humidity is not good for a room while 35-55% is really good for your room and breathing system.

This does not mean that humidifiers will help you in getting better but you can be sure that they will help in reducing the rate of infections. They will also reduce the rate at which allergens will react with you. Humidifiers can also help a lot in reducing symptoms of dry nose and throat.

3. Better humidity regulation

It is important to note that air purifiers will only clean the air but they do not have any significant role in adjusting the humidity in your room. It is there for advisable to get humidifiers in the same room if you need to regulate the humidity levels.

This is another reason as to why you should keep the two in a room because there will be more advantage as compared to the disadvantages. Air purifiers and humidifiers are both important in a room because both play very important roles.

Air purifiers do not reduce humidity and this myth is a lie. There have been misconceptions where some people think that the fact that they blow air means they can reduce humidity. This is wrong and you should never use air purifiers to regulate humidity at all.

It is only the humidifier and air purifier combo that has the ability to purify and humidify the air at the same time. This is because they are advanced and have been designed to perform the two functions.

Having the best air purifiers in the same room is an added advantage and will definitely keep you safe from any impurities in the air.

4. Controls asthmatic attacks

It has been observed that humidifiers can significantly reduce the rate of asthmatic attacks especially if the patient is really affected by dry air. It is all about keeping it in the right settings because if humidity levels are too high, this may trigger the attack.

This is why having air purifier in the same room with any humidifier is a good idea because the pollution that trigger asthmatic attacks will be absorbed and removed from the air. This keeps the attacks low and helps in the management.

Remember not to keep the humidifier and air purifier too close to each other because moist can easily settle in the purifier’s filter. If this happens, the purifier will also blow contaminated air into the room and this is not good for you or any pets in the house.

Try and clean the machines at least once every weak especially if they are always used regularly and you live in a dusty area. When using a purifier and humidifier in the same room, keep the windows and ventilations in a way that they do not allow dust into the room.

If dust is let in a room where there is a constant use of a purifier, the dust particles will accumulate very fast in the filters.

This will be blown directly into the air and the effects will be felt almost immediately. Constant sneezing and flu are some of the signs that the room and the filters need to be checked.


It is advisable to keep an air purifier in the same room if you live in areas where you do not have distilled water. This is because if you use humidifiers with unpurified water direct from your tap or a bore hole, there are high chances of letting impurities into the air.

Those impure particles when take in over a long period of time may have effects on your breathing system. If this is not regulated, you may even end up with damaged lungs simply because you were trying to get some humidity.

If you have to different in depended machines, then do not put them too close. This is because there will be a high chance of clogging the air humidifier with impurities. This can damage and decrease the life span of any humidifier.

This explains why it is important to clean your purifiers and humidifiers. Check the type of water you use in them because those gadgets have a direct impact on your life.


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