5 Major Spacepak Air Conditioning Problems & Fixes!

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While Spacepak air conditioners are pretty good, they will face many problems in their lifetime. And if you don’t know about the issues, you could be in deep water!

So, what are the main Spacepak air conditioning problems

Your Spacepak air conditioners can face insufficient cooling in some cases. In other cases, the ground or condensing unit might not run properly. Again, you might experience sweating at the outlet due to faulty sensors and switches. Also, there can be excessive noise issues in the transformer. 

This gives us a primary concept of the issues. But to understand it in depth, let’s jump right into the major problems.

5 Spacepak Air Conditioning Problems & Their Solutions

Troubleshooting a Spacepak air conditioning system can be a tedious task.

Before jumping into the fixes, let’s understand the Spacepak fault codes.

E1, E2, and E3 are the most common fault codes. These three represent faulty temperature sensors. AL and FL, respectively, mean anti-freeze cooling error and flow switch error.

Now, let’s check out the possible problem reasons and their solutions.

Problem 1: Insufficient Cooling

This is one of the most common problems. You might suddenly feel that the cooling is not up to a point. This can happen due to several reasons; they are-

  • Fluctuation in suction pressure 
  • Fluctuation in head pressure 
  • Leak in the distribution system


First, check if the blower motor if it’s defective or not. You might need to repair or replace it. Make sure your air return box filter is clean. A clogged filter might cause all the hassle.

Furthermore, Check for the dirty evaporator coil. If it’s clogged, clean it gently with a brush or clean cloth. Cleaning the Spacepak air conditioning system is easy and cost-effective like cleaning a mini split.

Also, make sure you check your refrigerant charge every now and then. If the refrigerant level is low, the system might not function properly. You might need to charge it to recommended levels.

And finally, check your distribution system for leaks or jams. A leak might prevent some of the air from going away and cause insufficient cooling.

Problem 2: Esp-G Unit & Condensing Unit Will Not Start

Another common problem with this system is that the cooling unit will not start. Troubleshooting this problem can become very tiresome.

Esp-G Unit
Source: forum.heatinghelp.com

But we have narrowed down the reasons below for your convenience-

  • thermostat level issue or defective thermostat
  • loose low voltage wires
  • defective low voltage transformer
  • inadequate electric service 

The solutions are not hard and can be done at home easily.


The thermostat or voltage wirings and transformers cause this issue usually. First, check if the thermostat is leveled or not. If it’s not leveled, level the thermostat. 

Additionally, check the thermostat resistance using a multimeter. If you don’t have a multimeter, you should definitely get one because it’s quite affordable. Even some brands offer huge discounts at times.

Here are some high-quality multimeters you can check out-

If there is no resistance measured with the multimeter, replace the thermostat.

A loose low voltage wiring can be the culprit too. Check all the voltage wirings and tighten any loose ones. 

Also, check the voltage transformer. If it’s defective, replace the transformer with the aid of an expert.

Another reason is inadequate electric service. You need to Check electrical service against minimum requirements. If it’s not proper, replace it with adequate-sized caps.

Problem 3: Esp-G Unit Will Not Start

In this case, the condensing unit runs properly but the ground unit does not start. This can happen due to two reasons-

Esp-G Unit Won't Start
Source: spacepak.com


Check the wiring if it’s short or broken. If the wiring is in bad condition, replace it with recommended ones. 

Check all the wiring connections for loose ends. If there are any, tighten them up.

Check the blower motor if it’s jammed or defective. If so, you will need to replace it with OEM Spacepak parts

A jammed motor might also cause the crumbling of fins in the fan.

Problem 4: Sweating At Esp-G Unit Supply Outlet

You might experience sweating at the ground unit supply outlet. This often happens to the air conditioning system.

This can happen due to a leak at the air plenum adaptor. Also, this will surely happen if you forget to install insulation at the outlet.


First, check the taped joint at the adapter. If it’s not taped properly, tape it. 

Also, check if you have installed insulation at the outlet. If you have forgotten to do so, install the insulation.

Problem 5: Excessive Noise At The Terminator

This problem can be very annoying. You might experience excess noise at the terminator end. This can happen due to several issues. 

We have jotted them down for you:

  • high supply air plenum pressure 
  • improper or no installation of sound attenuating tube 
  • incorrect supply tubing 
  • Improperly balanced system


Check for and add flow restrictors in supply runs. If needed, add extra outlets. 

Also, check if the sound attenuating tube is installed or not. If not, install it wherever necessary.

Incorrect radius or length of supply tubes can also cause problems. Verify that all supply tubing lines are at least 9 feet long. This also includes a 3 ft. sound attenuation tube. 

Check for a tight radius in them too. Correct them if necessary.

The orifices should be the exact size, so double-check. If not, properly orifice them.

Tips And Tricks for Spacepak Air Conditioner

You probably chose Spacepak air conditioner because you know what it offers-

However, without proper maintenance, you can’t really expect much, can you? So, here are some tips and tricks for using and maintaining the Spacepak air conditioner-

  • Make sure there is no clutter near the condenser. It will give optimal operating conditions for the condenser.
  • Use a shade over the condenser. Keeping the condenser in direct sunlight will heat it up. This will decrease performance and efficiency.
  • Check the air filters every month. If needed, clean them up. This will help prevent the most common cooling problems.
  • In addition to checking the filters, inspect and vacuum the vents. Pet fur, dust, and debris build up quickly in HVAC vents. This reduces the cooling system’s efficiency. 

Furniture can move an inch or two without you knowing, obscuring a vent. Monthly vent inspections and vacuuming will keep them clear.

Hopefully, these tips will ease up your air conditioning operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Well Does Spacepak Compare to Conventional Central Air Conditioning?

Spacepak air conditioning vs central air debate has been going on for a long time. When compared to traditional forced air systems, SpacePak and Unico can be up to 30% more effective in removing moisture. Knowing the difference between the two in high-humidity summer climates is crucial to your comfort.

Does Spacepak Heat and Cool?

Yes, the Spacepak system has both heating and cooling options. Because there is no shared ductwork, SpacePak is best for homes that already have radiant heating. SpacePak also has its own heating solutions. You can use your SpacePack system to heat your home.

Can Spacepak Be Installed In A Basement?

Yes, it can be installed in a basement. Their flexible ducts can be run through walls, ceilings, and floors. This depends on how your home is set up. The Spacepak compact air unit is small enough to fit in an attic, basement, or crawlspace. But it is strong enough to cool or heat even the biggest homes.


That ends our discussion on Spacepak air conditioning problems. 

Don’t forget to check on and fix the air conditioner regularly. Because something going wrong in bad weather can cost you a lot.

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