Rinnai E110C Problems: 4 Problems Solved!

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After a lot of research, you bought the Rinnai E110C water heater. Cold days won’t be a problem from now on. You got hot water running. YES!

Not long after celebrating, the boiler just ruined your mood. It’s not working as you expected. What a bummer!

So, what are the common Rinnai E110C problems?

A common Rinnai E110C problem is fluctuating temperature. Cleaning the dirty water line can solve the issue. Also, a faulty gas regulator can be a problem. To solve the problem you need to recalibrate the device.

Well, there are also other types of Rinnai E110C problems that require different solutions. Don’t worry, I’ve explained them with easy solutions throughout this article.

Also, this guide will help you to fix any future water issues.

How to Detect Rinnai E110C Problems?

Of course, you’ll notice problems in your Rinnai E110C while using the heater. But sometimes, you can detect it by seeing error codes on the screen. 

Yes, there are a number Rinnai e110 error codes. Each of the codes tells about different problems. You can solve these error codes by simply reading the Rinnai E110Cn error codes from the manual.

However, some problems are beyond the manual. Find those in the next segment along with the solutions.

Rinnai E110C
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Rinnai E110C: 4 Major Issues to Lookout for!

With the Rinnai E110C, there are four major issues that almost everyone faces. I’m not saying that you’ll face all of the issues. But there’s a possibility you might face some in the future.

So, for your ease, I’ve gathered all the Rinnai E110C problems in this section. These are:

Problem 1: Fluctuating Temperature

Unstable temperature is one frequent problem of Rinnai E110C.

There are a few reasons responsible for this problem. Keep reading to know the reason behind this fluctuation. Have a look-

Reason: Dirty Water Filters 

You’ll notice a pipe beside the isolating valve under the heater. If it is blocked with filth and dirt, you won’t get a proper water supply. This often disrupts the heating system.

This applies to any water filters in tapware.

Solution: Clean the Water Flow Line

The moment you detect an issue with the water flow, you should clean it immediately. Deep clean all of the filters. You’ll be good to go!

Rinnai combi boiler
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Problem 2: Faulty Gas Regulator 

Another major reason is having a faulty gas regulator. You’ll see your Rinnai E110C isn’t working because it’s not getting enough gas. Here’s the reason why.

Reason: Gas Leakage or Technical Issues

Rinnai E110C runs on gas. If the gas supply is hindered, the temperature will fluctuate too! 

Now, the gas supply can be obstructed because of leakage. Or perhaps, the gas regulator has some technical issues. Whatever it is, you’ll find the solution in the next section.  

Solution: Recalibrating the Device

The two most important factors here are the incoming and working gas pressure. If you notice any unwanted measure, recalibrate the device immediately.

Here’s when you can rely on a good technician. The technician can check the pressure of the gas. He can inform you of the problem accurately. 

Problem 3: Electronic Malfunction 

Now, this one is rare. If your boiler has malfunction issues, it’s obvious that the temperature might not work. You must know what the reasons are behind it.

Reason: Internal Circuitry Issues

Like any other electric heating device, Rinnai E110C has electric circuits inside it.

However, you should consider this cause only when you can’t find any other viable reasoning. Now, let’s head on to the solution-

Solution: Seek Technician Support

Now, for this problem, you’ll have to rely on a technician. I won’t recommend doing any DIY methods here. It’s better if you could contact a reliable HVAC professional. 

Bonus: Sometimes the scale of the heat exchanger might be the devil. It happens due to the water scale of your area. 

Problem 4: Slow Operation

One of the most common Rinnai E110C problems is slow operation. You’re getting hot water. But it fills both units very slowly. 

Take a look at the reasons that are responsible for this issue-

Reasons for Slow Operation 

The main reason is the difference between the temperature supply and return. Often, when this gap exceeds, the boiler works slowly.  

However, just like the previous problem, this one also has a few causes. You might have issues in the following areas-

  • The shut-off valves may remain closed.
  • Blocked water filters are a reason for slowing down the process.
  • The thermostatic radiator valves might be in a shut-down mode.
  • The room sensors in the non-leading room might be activated.

Well, no matter what the reason is, you can perform a uniform solution to fix this. Here’s what you should do.

Solution: Cleaning Blocked Water Filters

I want to clear up one confusion first. You might think that blocked water filters might mess up the heating system entirely. 

But here’s the catch. It doesn’t stop your boiler from functioning. It just slows down the process. And you can solve it by cleaning the filters like I previously mentioned. 

Let’s get into the uniform solution now. 

Now, you won’t ground the furnace here. You have to check a few installation instructions for this. Here’s a list of things you should check:

  • Hydraulic connections to the water boiler
  • 3-way thermostatic valve
  • Plumbing kit

Go through the instruction manual to install each of them. Fixing all of these parts manually will make your boiler operate faster.

Cleaning Blocked Water Filters
Source: MaineShore Mechanical Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do Rinnai water heaters last?

Rinnai water heaters last up to 20 years. But the life expectancy of Rinnai water heaters can depend on a few factors. Maintenance plays a big role here. The more you care for your heater, the longer it lasts. The quality of water and usage procedure also determines the longevity of the heater.  

How often should a Rinnai be serviced?

A Rinnai should be serviced every two years. Usually, it is recommended for all Rinnai gas appliances. This includes your Rinnai E110C boiler too! By servicing every two years, you can increase the efficiency of your device. The operating life cycle gets larger and you can cut the extra costs too.  

Is there a reset button on a Rinnai tankless water heater?

Yes, there is a reset button on a Rinnai tankless water heater. It’s the Connect button on the module. Press it and hold as long as it takes to blink an LED light. As soon as you see a red and white light, release it. Then, tap on the button thrice quickly. Your water heater will reset! 


Well, now you’re aware of the possible Rinnai E110C problems. No matter what issues you’re facing, I hope this article will help you. Try to be assured of the reasons first so that you know which solution to pick. 

That’s all from me today. I hope you’ll be able to fix your boiler problem. Let me know in the comments if this blog was useful. 

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