No Condensation Coming From Air Conditioner? Explained!

Air conditioners seem to showcase several problems from time to time. 

One of those problems may be no condensation. 

This can be annoying when you’re living in a country with higher humidity and temperature. No need to get hot-headed over this as we’ve got it all covered for you. 

So, what to do when no Condensation Coming From Air Conditioner?

No condensation may come out from your air conditioner due to clogged pipes. Start by turning off the air conditioner. Then find the drain pipe underneath the evaporator. After that unclog and clean the pipes of your air conditioner. This should make sure that condensation is coming from your air conditioner.

Therefore why don’t you cool that hothead of yours with your air conditioner that will be good as new! That is if you continue to read this article. 

Why Is There No Condensation?

Condensation is capturing the moisture from the air which helps to cool the space. You can already guess that without condensation an AC cannot give out cool air. So, an AC having no condensation is a bad sign.

One of the reasons for the absence of condensation could be a clog in the drain pipe. The reason for this occurring is the pipe becoming humid. And this usually happens when the evaporator coil is constantly blown on by warm air. 

This problem is noticeable when your AC stops cooling. When this occurs you should immediately understand that there is no water air conditioner. And the reason is the drain pipe. 

Inverter ac not dripping water can also be caused by a clogged pipe. You can find similar reasons for car air conditioners not dripping water as well. Whether you have a 3,3.5 or 4-ton AC any of them can face this problem. 

Now, let’s take a look at the reasons why the drain pipe can get clogged. And what things you could notice.  


Mould is one of the most common reasons for a clogged air conditioner pipe. 

The constant flow of condensation through the pipe creates an environment for algae to grow. So, regular use of AC will clog the drain pipe.

When you can smell a mouldy scent coming from your air conditioner pipes, you’ll know that mould has formed inside it. This confirms that your drain pipe is clogged with algae. 

Dripping from Places it Shouldn’t: 

Sometimes water comes out from beneath the cabinet or the exhaust fan. Should ac drip water outside

No, AC shouldn’t drip water outside. Your air conditioner dripping water outside is a bad sign and can indicate a variety of problems. 

And this is also a sign of a clogged condensate drain. When this happens you’ll see water on furniture under the ac, ceilings, walls, and carpets. 

Another thing you’ll notice is the furnace. That is if the AC is situated above the furnace. You’ll notice the furnace forming rust on top of it. 

Whenever this happens, call a professional to fix it immediately. 

No Water Dripping From Condensate Line:

This condensate line is situated outside. During humid weather, water is supposed to drip from it. If you notice that no water is dripping then it is not properly draining. 

Whenever this happens the drain pan gets filled with water. And this leads to a clog in the drain. 

Not Cooling: 

When there is no condensation the AC will not cool as mentioned above. When the pan overflows the water safety switch becomes triggered. And this doesn’t allow the AC to work properly.

The overflow of the pan is the result of a clogged-up pipe. 

Pan Being Full:

When you notice the pan being full it usually means that the pipe is clogged. The evaporator coil is exposed to air. For this, the evaporator coil loses humidity. 

The humidity that is left behind is accumulated on the pan. And then the water leaves through the pipe. But, sometimes the exposed air brings in dust particles or even dirt.

And this dust particle mixes with water and clogs the pipe. Hence, water cannot exit and the pan overflows.  

But then again, this is just one of the reasons. There are several other reasons for the pan to overflow.

If you own a window ac you could be thinking why is my window ac not dripping water outside. Well, the pan being full is the reason for that too. 

How to Fix the Problem

Now, we know the reasons for this problem. Let’s look at how we can fix it! And you can use these solutions even for no drip window air conditioner. 

Step 1: Turning Off the AC

Wherever you are going to fix any damage. Make sure to turn off the AC. 

Step 2: Find the Drain Pipe 

You will find the drain pipe underneath the evaporator. Next check if there is water flowing. If you see that there’s water stuck it means the pipe is clogged. 

Step 3: Clean the Condensate Drain

The drain will be covered by an access panel that is removable. As mentioned above by removing this you’ll be able to check the water. Check to ensure if water is moving or not. 

To unclog first grab a rag or a shop vacuum that can be used wet or dry. With these, you will proceed to remove water. The next step is to make the pan clean. 

Just use normal water and soap to clean. If there is any debris or slime proceed to remove that using a good quality wire brush. Remember these are just the basic cleaning steps.

Then you will have to make a mixture to pour into the access point of the pipe. This access point will be a T-shaped vent which will have a PVC covering. By removing the cover you can pour in the mixture. 

For a harsher clean, pour one cup of water and bleach mixture inside the drain pipe. Although some recommend not to use bleach as it can damage the plastic. 

So you have to be careful with the bleach that you’re using. We’ve found The Laundress New York- All-purpose Bleach Alternative to work exceptionally well as it is gentle yet gets the job done. 

You can also use diluted hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar with hot water, and dish soap. 

Whatever mixture you decide to use, leave the mixture for 30 minutes. The final step is to flush the pipe using water. This will allow you to see if the water flows properly. 

How to Prevent this Problem

As we all know it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, let’s take a look at how you can keep the drains from getting clogged. Use these techniques to avoid water coming out of the window ac.

  • Keep the air filters clean
  • Drain lines should be flushed out
  • Installation of condensate trap is needed
  • Call a professional

Cleaning filters is extra important. As it can cause other problems like your AC not working at night.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Given below are some commonly asked questions you could relate to!-

Is it normal for window air conditioners to collect water at the bottom?

On certain rainy days or days with high humidity, the base pan of the air conditioner will collect water. This is a very normal phenomenon as the bottom of the air conditioners comes with a drain plug. 

Will my AC get damaged if I spray water on it?

No, it will not damage your AC. in fact it is good for the AC to be sprayed with water as the water helps it to run more efficiently. The condenser requires regular spraying of water. 

For how long is it okay to run my AC? 

There is no limited time for you to run your AC. Your air conditioner is built to help cool throughout the day. 


After this article, no condensation coming from air conditioner should easily be solved. It seems complicated, but we hope we made it as simple as possible. You should have the tools right at home. 

Just remember to always check on your AC and if anything serious happens do call a professional!

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