Brondell Revive O2+ True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier REVIEW

If you’ve tried different humidifiers and purifiers in the past and you’ve been disappointed, then the Brondell Revive O2+ True HEPA Purifier and Humidifier should be your last stop. That one powerful air purifier and humidifier have redefined my perception of air purifiers. It has helped me clear the air, even when there’s some smoke in the house, and helped me deal with my son’s allergy to cat hair. In my review of the Brondell Revive below, I’ll go over why I like it so much and give you my account of how it helped me and my family to help you decide if this air purifier will work for you.

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Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier combines many features, including a dual suction system that takes in air from the fore and rear of the machine, cutting the time it takes to clean your room’s air by half. With an efficient humidifier filter trapping dust and allergens and removing VOCs from smokes, you can rest assured you’re free from eye, nose, and throat irritation in your room.

Here’s an account of how well the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier has helped me despite the presence of pets and smoke in my house.

My Story Before Using the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier

My return from work used to be filled with an unpleasant odor. I’ve wondered where it comes from, but can’t seem to find it. However, the bad odor leaves the living room once I open my windows and allow some fresh air in. 

I also have a daughter who’s interested in cooking, and she’ll try every recipe she lays her hands on, to the extent of leaving some food in the oven for too long. So purifying the air at dinner time has been a blessing.

My son recently developed an allergy, and we found out it’s due to our cat’s hair. I’ve tried different air purifiers and humidifiers to help with the stake odor in my home, but none has been able to give me the complete result I want in a single unit.

So I received the Brondell REVIVE a few days ago via UPS, and taking it out of the box and setup was a breeze. I had to use that term for this :). It was literally sliding it out of the box, taking off all the plastic wrap around the filtration media, and putting it back into place. After that, it’s simply plugging it in and selecting a setting. I’ve been using the auto setting, which randomly turns on/off/up/down. At night it runs on low, and you can hardly hear it in the bedroom.

Twenty minutes into using this Brondell Air purifier and humidifier, the atmosphere in my home is now moist and free of smoke, and my son doesn’t sneeze continuously because of our cat’s hair.

What Makes Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier Work for Me?

Despite the bad atmospheric conditions in my home, Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier has helped me transform my indoor air quality, and it does so with:

Dual Suction System

Usually, air purifiers suck in the indoor air through one duct and release the clean air into the room through the other. However, with the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier, the indoor air gets into the purifier through two inlets and exit through one. This helps to reduce the time it takes for your indoor air to reach the desired quality.

When we return after the day’s work, my son usually sneezes continuously until the indoor air becomes moist and clean. He stays outside for three minutes after we get home, and when he comes in, he doesn’t sneeze. The air gets clean faster than I can wish for.

HEPA Filters

Brondell Revive HEPA Filter System

You need an air purifier with efficient filters to clean your indoor air. It is usually enough if the machine has one good filter, but it’s better if it has more than one. One of the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifiers and Humidifiers is the HEPA filter.

The HEPA filters (the PRF-51 white ones in the image above), are responsible for removing allergens and particulates not more than 0.3 microns from the air. While one of these filters may be enough to remove particulates and allergens, two, such as Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier, will perform better.

Our son doesn’t sneeze anymore when he’s indoors with our cat. The HEPA filters remove the cat’s hairs from the air and allow us to inhale clean air.

Humidifier Filter

The second filter in the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier is the humidifier filter (the green one in the image above). It cleans the air of dust and other similar particles. During summer, when the air is drier and there are more dust particles in the air, even indoors, the kitchen countertop is always dirty. Using the humidifier setting on this unit has been a blessing this summer as we have been getting dry, hot heat for the past week, and adding a bit of humidity to the air has helped remove the dryness and the extra dust.

Since we started to use the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier, our kitchen countertop doesn’t get as dirty as it used to be. There’s hardly any difference in our air quality in the summer or the fall.

Active Carbon Filters

Active Carbon Filters

Smokes can contain injurious chemicals, and we can’t see them. Active carbon filters help remove these air chemicals to improve indoor air quality. They trap VOCs and formaldehyde from the air, making the available indoor air of good quality.

When our daughter cooks and burns her experiment, we used to cough till our eyes water. But now, the smell of burnt food doesn’t last two minutes, and we don’t feel the sting of smoke in our eyes or lungs.

Evaporative Humidification

Instead of having moisture on our floor as we used to have with other air purifiers and humidifiers we’ve previously used, we don’t see any moisture outside the machine, but the air is never dry.

Due to the evaporative humidification the Brondell Revive True Air Purifier uses, the air it sucks into passes through the filters, including the humidifier filter where the air molecules pick up moisture before they’re released into the room.

Auto-off Timer

Brondell Revive Control Panel

We can switch on the machine overnight, and it works till everyone leaves home. However, it goes off when we’re at work and remains off till we return and switch it on again.

Its auto-off timer feature helps us to worry less about leaving it running for too long as we’ve set it off time.

Adjustable to Seasons

We have set our desired air humidity level for each season, with the lowest being for winter. When the air signifies the approach of a new season, the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier adjust accordingly.

Final Thought

There are many singular air purifiers and air humidifiers. However, the Brondell Revive True HEPA Air Purifier and Humidifier combines both in one machine. It also features a dual suction system that effectively cleans the air and improves indoor air quality.

The Brondell Revive O2+ Purifier has received our highest honors and recommendation:

Airlucent Air Award

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