Do Air Purifiers Help with Dust?

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Air purifiers are equipped with a blower that sucks mold, smokes and specks of dust from the room, cleans it, and gives off cold and clean air. The device helps clean indoor air of allergens from time to time even after dusting and vacuuming the house, which often leaves these particles stirred up. 

What does an air purifier do? 

The single sole purpose of an air purifier is to filter the dirty and dusty air in the room and replace it with cleaner cooler one form outside. Air purifiers come in two types; ducted and ductless purifiers.

The ducted purifiers rely on a duct where the dust and hot air sucked from the house passes before it is lost to outside the house. On the other hand, the ductless purifier does not have a duct. Instead, the hot dust sucked from the living space is cooled and filtered before it is recirculated into the house.

How do air purifiers help with dust?

Air purifiers comprise of three fundamental parts in their work for filtering the air of any dust and dirt. Each of these parts has an essential role to play in the filtration of air.  

The blower

This is the part that is tasked with sucking the dusty and warm air in the house. It consists of a motor and some blades that rotate in a clockwise direction when turned. The power of a purifier is determined by the efficiency of the blower, which is measured in a clean air delivery rate, CADR. A blower with a higher CADR rating is more powerful and can clean more air per minute than a purifier with a lower CADR rating.

The power of the blower that is needed depends with an individual or family, the size of the house and the environment in which the house is built. A house with large square footage built in a highly polluted environment needs a purifier with a higher CADR rating, usually above 350. It is also worth noting that the more powerful the blower of a purifier is; the more expensive it is going to be. 

The filter

The filter is the most important part of a purifier; it is responsible for trapping dust and dirt sucked in by the blower. Usually, filters are stacks of paper or fiberglass compressed side by side and sealed in a compact design enclosed in a wire mesh.

The best-recommended type of filter for maximum air purification is the HEPA filter. This one is capable of trapping most of the dust particles, up to 99.13%. This, therefore, means that even the tiniest particles from the air in the house.

When buying your air purifier, it is wise to check the label to ascertain that the filter is indeed HEPA. This is because some purifiers will indicate that they are HEPA filter enabled while they are not. The true HEPA filter does not only pick up tiny dust particles; it also suck allergens and bacteria that cause the majority of allergies and some diseases.

The pre-filter picks up particles that are a bit large like pet fur, hairs, fiber, and lint. The carbon filter on the other hand is responsible for the removal of odors from the kitchen, pets, and smoke. The best thing about HEPA filter enabled air purifier is that it can even help eliminate chances of mold growth by regulating air quality and removing fungi.

Do air purifiers remove dust or are they a waste of money?

Having an air purifier at home is not a waste of money at all; as a matter of fact, air purifiers are must-have items. This is because of the many benefits that accrue from having not just an air purifier; but a great air purifier. Here are the reasons for investing in air purifiers. 

1. They regulate air quality 

Maintaining air quality at home is very critical to good health. Without improved air quality, you would have dust and mold growth, both of which are responsible for the majority of allergies and breathing-related diseases like asthma. That good air quality helps keep mold growth at bay means that even your structural design is protected from damage to wood rot and decay

2. They contribute to the cleanliness of the house

The single sole responsibility of an air purifier is to clean the air of any dust and dirt. This means that there are less dust and dirt on your surfaces and floor. This equals a cleaner environment for you, your family, and your pets. The ripple effect of this is that you do not have to clean the house so often, hence a more comfortable living.

This is contrary to the frequent and exhausting cleaning that you have to conduct now and then when you do not have an air purifier. A cleaner house also augurs so well with your image and reputation when visitors come over to your house. Besides, no one likes the sight paws and fingerprints all over the surfaces and appliances. 

3. They protect you from diseases

Dust is a composition of animal dander, dust, smoke, fibers, furs, and human hair. It also contains bacteria and fungi, all of which are responsible for allergies and diseases. Dust acts as a perfect medium for mold growth, facilitated by the fungi in it. As a result, you will experience persistent coughs, itchy raspy sore throats, red eyes, itchy skin, sometimes coupled with difficulties in breathing.

Prolonged exposure to dust and mold spores will cause serious complications in people with compromised and weak immune systems, something that may result in asthma. But with an air purifier in place, all these will be a thing of the past and you will live a happier life. To make it even better, you save lots of money with hospitalization and medication bills. 

4. They save you money and time

So much time and money are spent on cleaning dust and dirt off surfaces and appliances. To dust the whole house without an air purifier, you have to dedicate each session a minimum of 3 hours twice per week. That is so much time spent for the wrong reasons; a quality time that would have been spent doing better things. You also have to budget for cleaning tools and solutions, and this money would have been spent on other important projects. But with an air purifier in place, you get a cleaner house and do less cleaning less often.

A Cleaner environment also helps protect the aesthetic beauty of the house, which translates to fewer repairs and maintenance. At the point of reselling the house, a cleaner house rewards more than a dusty and dirty one. This is because a prospecting homebuyer will more likely choose yours as their dream home. To make things even better, they will be more than willing to meet your asking price. 

So, what are you waiting for, go grab your air purifier today by reading our air purifier reviews, and bid goodbye to dust issues in your house? Enjoy your cleaner healthier life!

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