5 Methods on How to Remove Perfume Smell From Room

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Perfumes or fragrances are amazing. Good fragrances can help lift up our mood in an instant. However, too much of nothing is good. 

Likewise, too much perfume or fragrance can be sometimes very annoying and disturbing. Especially when it gets spread into the room.

So, are you thinking of how to remove perfume smell from room?

Cleaning or removing the perfumed object or spot is the way to remove the perfume smell from the room. You can try to neutralize the odor by using neutralizers or ozone sprays. Steam cleaning is another method that can be very effective. Lastly, complete removal of the object can work too.

Need more information? Then we’ve got your back! We have summed up all the effective methods of removing perfume smell in this guide.

Let’s hop right onto the deets!

5 Different Methods of Removing Perfume Smell

Removing the perfume smell from your room can be quite hard. For instance, if you have mistakenly spilled perfume in your room. Or  you may have sprayed too much perfume in room. It can be very hard to remove that smell from that room.

Here we’ll explain 5 different methods for removing perfume odor from your room.

Method 1: Cleaning the Perfumed Object Or Spot

Cleaning the spot or the stained object is the first step. The most common perfume odor is spillage of perfume bottles. Wondering how to get rid of perfume smell on floor? This method addresses just that.

And in that case, wherever the perfume has spilled must be cleaned. Many times cleaning the surface or the object will remove the odor. Stubborn odor like paint smell may not be removed with this method. This method perhaps focuses on perfume spillage on objects or surfaces.

You can use different ways to clean the affected spot or object. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Baking Soda or Vinegar

You may clean the walls with baking soda or vinegar. Baking soda acts as an abrasive and aids in the removal of smells. It’s an effective perfume odor eliminator

Vinegar is a degreaser that also helps to eliminate smells. So, using vinegar to remove odors is the way to go. You can use Lucy’s Family Owned – Natural Distilled White Vinegar, which is great for both cooking and cleaning.

Or you can use Heinz White Vinegar, which is special for mostly pickling but it can be used for cleaning as well.

Sprinkle baking soda over flat surfaces, concrete floors, carpeting, and furniture. And let it stay there until the stink is gone, then clean up.

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You can also use lemon along with vinegar for a better outcome. Especially for cigarette or vape smoke, acidic cleaners will work the best. Also, if there is any greasy residue lemon can come in handy.

2. Vodka

Vodka can help to get rid of smells on the floor and walls. It can eliminate smoky scents, musty odors, and bacterial odors quite effectively. So, how to use vodka to remove odors?

First, fill up a spray bottle with vodka and water. Make sure the mixing ratio is 1:3. Now, softly sprinkle furnishing and fabric with that mix. After that, you need a wait a bit for the odor to lessen. The vodka will evaporate slowly afterward.

It can eliminate smoke odors from hard surfaces such as furniture and walls as well. 

Moreover, it can remove sticky residue. Vodka, like vinegar, is a degreaser and odor neutralizer.

3. Ammonia

Ammonia can answer your question of how to get rid of perfume smell fast. It can be very effective in cleaning the surface. But remember that it is a toxic procedure.

If you’re chemically sensitive or don’t wanna take risks then you MUST avoid it. 

But, let’s check out the proper way of using ammonia to remove odors.

Create a mixture of ammonia, vinegar, and baking soda at a 1:2:1 ratio. Use it to clean the surface. You can also use water and ammonia and make a light mixture. 

Method 2: Neutralizing the Odor

If you are thinking how to neutralize perfume odor in office then this method is just for you.

Neutralizers can be very effective in terms of getting rid of the annoying odor. In fact, they are made for this and can be an efficient solution. But there are multiple alternatives here as well.

Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners work the best against natural odors but it’s also effective against chemicals.

You might even wonder how enzyme cleaners work?

Beneficial bacteria in enzyme cleaners produce enzymes that break down compounds present in organic materials. Once the enzymes have broken down the particles into smaller bits, the bacteria swoop in to eat those molecules.

But for example, if your propane heater smells, then this method may not work.

For this, you may have to address other heater issues. 

The enzyme cleaners often have a light natural fragrance or sometimes a chemical fragrance. There are quite a few brands of enzyme cleaners. And here are some of the recommended ones.

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Now let’s head onto the natural mineral neutralizers.

Natural Mineral Products

Mineral neutralizers are safe and effective in removing chemical odor. They also come in different variations for different parts of the house. The products usually are transparent containing mineral content like magnesium, zinc, or titanium dioxide.

Method 3: Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a method that works amazingly, especially against smoky walls, floors, or furniture. But it can also be very effective against chemicals such as perfume or odor. It’s especially better if the chemical or perfume has dried out.

You may be thinking that does perfume smell go away after a period of time? 

The answer is yes but it can take a very long time. That’s why steam cleaning comes in handy. The steam dampens the residue and then cleans it effortlessly. Steam cleaning is ideal if the spilled perfume or chemical has dried out. 

Method 4: Using Ozone

Ozone can successfully remove any fragrance or perfume odor. For instance, cotton candy odor in the house can be hard to remove. In such cases this method is ideal.

For instance, you can use ozone to eliminate odor from your RV. The ServiceMaster Mason uses Ozone spray to remove the strong smoke smell. 

But the problem is, it can be quite risky. Since it can harm humans, animals, and plants, using it in moderation is a must. That’s why lower doses of ozone can be a good option.

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Another downside is it oxidizes material which can create a new odor. Sometimes it can be worse than the one you are trying to remove.

Method 5: Complete Removal

This method is the absolute last resort if nothing else works. It’s simply the removal of the object the perfume has inflicted itself. For instance, it can be carpet, furniture, drywall, curtains, etc.

If the perfume has spilled on any of them. If none of the previous methods work, then removing it’ll be the last option.

You may be wondering how to remove perfume smell from fabric?

Well, removing perfume smell from fabric is quite simple. If the object is cloth or something of that sort, then first you have to wash it off. Washing with detergent can be effective. Then let it just air dry and you’re done.

Then how to get rid of perfume smell in closet

Well, you can try multiple things to get rid of the perfume smell in the closet. One way is hanging it out on the balcony. The air outside will make the perfume evaporate and eventually remove the odor. Or you can put them all up for laundry.

That was all of the methods about removing perfume smell from room. 


Can I use any other method for removing the perfume smell from a room?

Yes. You can use a few other methods for removing the perfume smell from a room. Using sorbent materials can do the trick. It can be kept in the room and it can passively absorb odor. Another method is using an air purifier. Air purifiers can be a supporting method along with any other method.

Can coffee beans help in removing perfume odor?

Yes. Coffee beans can help in removing perfume odor from your room. Coffee grounds are known to be a great absorbent. Put some coffee grounds inside a pouch or clothing. Then keep it in the room till it absorbs the odor. Even if it doesn’t entirely remove the odor it will decrease it significantly.

Can rubbing alcohol work in removing the perfume stain from the surface?

Yes. Rubbing alcohol can be great in removing the perfume stain from the surface. Removing the stain first will remove the core reason for generating odor. Once the surface is cleaned the odor should drastically decrease. After that let some air pass through the room and the odor should be removed.


That will be a wrap from our side. Hopefully, now you know how to remove perfume smell from room.

But whichever method you apply always remember to ensure your safety. Especially when using chemical methods that can be risky.

On that note, we wish you all the best. See ya!

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