Two Condensers One Air Handler- How Does It Work?

Getting perplexed about two condensers and one air handler is common. Many HVAC systems have this system.

Is it even possible to attach two condensers to one air handler?

The combination of two condensers and one air handler is quite rare. But it does exist. That is a two-stage process. It is controlled by a two-stage thermostat. Sometimes there are complete two sets of freon lines attached to the components. The components are replaceable as well.

This might seem a little vague to you. Well, no worries! We have explained everything about it in detail. 

So why delay? Let’s jump into the following segments and know it all. 

What Are Two Condensers with One Air Handler?

You need to know how two condensers with one air handler work. But first, let’s address what is two condensers with one air handler. 

The air handler and condensers, two are essential components of the split setup. This system includes air conditioning as well as heat exchanger warming.

The air handler is a component used for air circulation in your house. It’s usually found inside, in a cupboard or attic. 

There are three main components of an air handler. These are an air filter, a blower, and a coil. 

The internal blower circulates air into the cooling coils. Then it distributes throughout the structure through ductwork. 

The air filter is located inside the air handler. It aims to eliminate airborne pollutants. 

While the interior coil maintains a certain temperature. You need to keep the air filter clean so that the air conditioner can work better.

On the other hand, the condenser is also known as the cooling system. It is usually found outside of a home or structure. This is what we usually call “the air conditioner.” 

The condenser coil & compressor are the most critical components of a condenser. But what is the primary function of the condenser?

The condenser’s primary function is to remove heat from the same rooms. It operates constantly to for giving the best air conditioning output. Also, it rejects superheated refrigerant gas. Then it subcools refrigerant once again when it changes to a liquid state.

Essentially, the condensing machine and the air handler are a combination that always functions together. Only when these gadgets are made particularly for each other can they deliver the highest potential performance. 

Either it can have two condensers and one air handler. Or two condensers and two air handlers. 

Alternatively, if you’re going to replace either of these two pieces of equipment, ensure you replace the other.

Thereby, you will avoid possible difficulties and save a significant amount of money over the long term. 

The fact that newly designed HVAC systems are now much more inexpensive. And it is more efficient than before is a huge plus.

condensing machine

How Do Two Condensers and One Air Handler Work? 

Here’s someone who installed one handler and two outdoor condensers.

But, what process does it follow actually? You might be wondering if it’s pretty complicated.

However, the process is pretty simple. In most cases, there are two sets of freon lines with the condensers. 

A condenser effectively eliminates interior heat by drawing it in via the return ducts. After that, pass it across the condenser coil.

The thermostat is equipped with two control handles that are connected simultaneously. It is like, if you move one control, then the other one will also move. It looks like the secondary compressor only operates when there is a large demand.

Dual thermostats & two condensers would indicate a zonal or dual split system. Also, you would be able to see or trace line sets. If you have noticed any zone controls on the equipment.  Many thermostats are labeled as Zone thermostats.

It is recommended to isolate handler operation by utilizing separate thermostats for specific condensers. The system must then cycle down to identify the handler. It is before repeating the process for the second control. Just a thought.

Several coils on the transmission section of the system might also be informative. Regular cleaning or replacing the air handler and condenser can increase the effectiveness. It can make your air conditioner better in performance by 10% to 15%.

When cleaning air filters, use a disposable face mask. This will save you from inhaling hazardous dust and dirt that may contain germs.

Replacing Air Handler and Two Condensers

Sometimes we need to change one of these components. If it gets faulty or dysfunctional. For example, if your air condenser is returning cold air in an unfinished basement

In case of troubleshooting, two condensers and one air handler are easy to work with. It is the same for the replacement process as well.

And if you want to replace these components, then you have to follow some instructions. Is it possible to repair the condenser without changing the air handler as well? Yes, it most surely is.

Yet, please remember that doing so jeopardizes the dependability of both appliances. You might also wind up paying significantly more of your income in the long term.

AC appliances are currently performing better than before. All thanks to recent advancements in the HVAC sector.

This also implies that combining a new air handler with an obsolete condenser coil would result in subpar efficiency. The coil and condenser compatibility for the air conditioners is not the same. You need to gain proper knowledge first.

One fact is guaranteed: all heating and cooling systems are made up of several electronic complex components. 

This is because they were meant to make our houses’ rooms as pleasant as possible. This is by increasing indoor environmental quality while keeping us in a comfortable environment.

Replacing Air Handler and Two Condensers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of condensers are there?

Condensers are classified into basically three types. Based on the method used to cool the refrigerant. The types are- 1. air-cooled, 2. water-cooled, and 3. Evaporative. These 3 types are available for the condensing unit function.

What materials are used to make a condenser?

The majority of condensers are made of four fundamental elements. A cabin that serves as a container for other components. The coils are constructed of aluminum or copper. And a compressor that increases pressure. Also, a fan that circulates air through the coils.

Is it possible to repair an air handler without changing the exterior condenser?

Yes, it is possible. For best quality and efficiency, air handlers & condensers are designed uniquely. It is to function in tandem with matched equipment. You certainly can repair it. However, doing so jeopardizes both parties’ reliability and may result in higher long-term costs.


Hopefully, you will now understand the concept of two condensers one air handler. 

We know the concept is very technical and a little complicated. So, it is recommended to ask for professional help if needed. We tried our best to make it as easy as possible. You sure can give it a try. 

All the best!

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