Luxpro Thermostat Not Turning on AC [Solved]

If you are dealing with a Luxpro thermostat not turning on ac, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we have put together common things that prevent your thermostat from turning on your ac. These include, bad thermostat wiring, thermostat settings, low battery, and air conditioner that doesn’t have power connection.

Luxpro thermostat not turning on ac
A woman adjusting temperaure on thermostat

And because we hate to leave you without solutions, we have provided you with possible solutions for each of these issues mentioned.

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Why is My Luxpro Thermostat Not Turning on AC

1) Your AC Has No Power

If your Luxpro thermostat is not turning on your ac, the first thing you want to do is check if there is power going through to your outside ac unit. In case you are using a heat pump, you can do this by putting your thermostat on heat and check if your outside unit kicks on.

If your heat pump is not turning on too, that could mean your condenser unit is not getting power. To resolve this issue, check the electrical box for tripped breakers. And if there are breakers that are tripped reset them accordingly.

However, if your outside ac unit is working on heat mode but not on cool mode, then the problem could be with your thermostat wiring.

2) Bad Thermostat Wiring

An incomplete or incorrect thermostat wiring could be the reason your Luxpro thermostat can’t turn on your ac. If you recently installed your thermostat, you’ll need to recheck you’re wiring.

At this point, you need to test if cooling is not just working for your thermostat. To do that, pull off your thermostat from the wall and access the wiring. Remove G and Y wires from the terminal and connect them together with RC terminal. Wait a few minutes to see if cooling starts working.

If the ac turns on or if cooling kicks on, then your thermostat could be having problems. But if your ac or cooling does not turn on after bypassing the thermostat, then the problem could be with the air conditioner.

In any one of the above cases, you might want to call HVAC professionals for help.

3) Thermostat Settings

If your lux thermostat won’t turn on an air conditioner, you should check your thermostat settings. Sometimes you might have forgotten to switch from heat mode to cool mode. Verify that your thermostat is set to cool mode.

4) Your Thermostat Needs Resetting

Another reason your Luxpro thermostat is not turning on ac or changing temperature could be simply because of a thermostat that needs a reset.

A Luxpro thermostat can have two types of resets, a hardware and a software reset. Its always a good idea to start with a hardware reset because it does not erase anything saved whereas software reset will erase settings to factory default settings.

Luxpro thermostat 2
A luxpro thermostat setup

How to reset a Luxpro thermostat

To reset your thermostat’s hardware, pull off the face of the thermostat from the wall and locate the small white reset button labelled H.W reset. Press and hold this button for about 5 minutes. Your thermostat should be reset after this.

However, if the hardware reset doesn’t work, then go on to do a software reset.

To reset your thermostat’s software, do the following:

  • Switch the system mode to off.
  • Press and hold the up, down, and next button all at the same time.
  • This should fully populate the screen and then, it will return to normal.

How to unlock a Luxpro thermostat

  1. If your Luxpro thermostat keypad is locked, you need to press and hold the next button for about 5 seconds.
  2. This should display ‘enter code’ at the top of the screen. Enter the unlock code (one you created when locking the thermostat)
  3. Use the up/down button to change each flashing digits. And to cycle through each digit, use the next button
  4. Press the ‘next’ button but for 5 seconds and this should return to the Normal Run screen without the keypad locked.

However, if you have forgotten the unlock code do the following:

  1. Pull off the thermostat from the wall.
  2. Place the set Slide switch in the RUN position.
  3. At the back of your thermostat’s circuit control board, press and hold the HW reset button for 5 seconds. This should unlock your thermostat.
  4. If the keypad remains locked, use the steps stated in unlocking a Luxpro thermostat. But when prompted to enter the unlock code, use the default code ‘0000’.

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Other Luxpro Thermostat Problems

When your Luxpro Thermostat is not working properly, the following are the common problems and their solutions:

  • Blank screen: If your thermostat has a blank screen or a display that’s fading, that could be a sign of dying or dead batteries. Try replacing them with new ones. And before your insert new batteries, be sure to clean the battery contacts. A pencil eraser does a perfect job for this. Your display can sometimes read “LO BATTERY” this is a message that your batteries need change.
  • Thermostat Shows “HI” or “LO“.  When your thermostat displays this message, it means that your temperature is either too high (beyond what your sensor can read) or to low (below what your thermostat sensor can read.) Typically, room temperature reading should display when the temperature in your room returns to normal range. Otherwise, if you believe this error message has nothing to do with temperature, your thermostat might be malfunctioning. To fix this issue you’ll need to rest your thermostat by pressing the HW_RST for about 5 seconds. The reset button is found on your thermostat’s circuit control board.

Final Thought

Now that you have learnt possible reasons for your Luxpro thermostat not turning on ac, we hope you have found a solution to this problem. If your thermostat won’t turn on your ac after trying out the above, perhaps contact Luxpro customer support or your local HVAC professionals. Thanks for reading.

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