How to Turn on A Hayward Pool Heater (and turn off)

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Hayward is a household name in the business of manufacturing spas and pool heaters. A lot of their customers have attested to the fact that Hayward pool heaters are efficient and easy to use. However, some people need a guide on how to properly turn on Hayward heater machines. We will discuss that here, as well as other things that have to do with using this pool heater.

How to Turn on the Hayward H-Series Pool Heater

You can turn the H-Series natural gas pool heater on after you have had it installed and connected. You just have to understand how to use the mode selection button properly.

This button is located on the far right-hand side of the touchpad area of the pool heater. The light on the standby spot would initially come on when you click the mode button. You would also notice that the pool’s current temperature will be displayed.

Choosing Between the Spa or Pool Mode

The initial clicking of the mode selection button will cause the standby or power indicator light to come on. You would then have to click the mode selection button again to select the spa or pool mode.

The Spa Mode

It would fall in the spa range if you click it once after the initial clicking of the mode selection button. The spa mode allows you to heat the pool to temperatures that are higher than the average pool’s temperature.

The temperature can go as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit if you choose the spa mode. On the contrary, the temperature in this mode will not go any lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is advised that you only consider using this mode only when the need arises.

The Pool Mode

For the most part, pool users are better off with the water heated up to temperatures within the pool mode’s range. The pool mode allows users to heat the pool up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit at most.

Selection with the Arrow Buttons

After choosing between the spa or pool mode, the next step is to use the arrow up or down buttons closest to the mode selection button. The arrow up has an orange color while the arrow down has a blue color.

You can move up or down to the desired temperature with these two buttons. You should wait after you have selected your desired temperature as the selected temperature will begin to blink.

It would then return to the current pool’s temperature after a while. But not to worry as the pool heater is at work and you would see the changes as the number will change with time.

What Are the Signs that Your Hayward Pool Heater Is Working

Just so you are certain that the pool heater is carrying out the required task, some of the signs you would notice include the following:

The Sound of the Blower

The pool heater has a blower that cools the machine while it is at work. This is expected considering how this machine does the job of heating an entire pool. This blower is supposed to kick off operation a few seconds after you are done setting the pool heater.

You should check the machine’s display screen for clues if the blower is not coming on. There is definitely a problem with the vacuum switch if the display screen reads “AO”. This is the error code revealing that this problem exists.

But vacuum switch problems are not the only things that can affect the smooth working of the blower. The problem could be something as little as a closed switch rather than an open one. The error code for this is “LO”. So, you should check for this as well if the blower is not coming up.

The Flow of Gas

This pool heater is fueled by natural gas. This is why the valve and pipe connections are the way they are. The sound of the flow of natural gas through the pipe is another indication that the pool heater is at work.

You should make sure the valve is open so that the machine would not be denied natural gas to work. To open the valve, it has to be parallel to the pipe. It is closed if it is not parallel.

How Do You Turn Off the Hayward Pool Heater?

You would have to use the mode selection button to turn off the Hayward pool heater as well. Just one click of the mode selection button would do if you are using the pool mode. You would have to click the mode selection button twice if you are using the spa mode.

You should keep an eye on the part of the display screen that has the power/standby, spa, and pool wording. This is because the light indicator close to these would tell you the mode in which the pool heater is operating. This in itself is self-explanatory.

If you have a firemans switch by the timer, you can put the heater in standby mode which will shut off the heater roughly 10 minutes before the timer stops the pump. You can also check to see if the breaker that controls the power to the heater is off in the junction box.

How Do You Reset the Hayward Pool Heater?

The Hayward pool heater can either be reset manually or automatically. The manual resetting method should only be resorted to when the need arises. This might even require the services of a capable technician.

Automatic Resetting

You only need to use the mode selection button to reset automatically. Make sure the machine is set to standby or power mode and wait for a while. The machine is designed to reset itself and address certain errors while on standby mode.

Manual Resetting

Manual resetting is basically about resetting the pool heater’s circuit breaker. You would have to start by disconnecting all devices and appliances that are connected to it.

Then the next step is switching off the circuit breaker before turning it back on. Lastly, you should exercise some patience before connecting the devices and appliances again.


Different series and models of pool heaters have been manufactured by Hayward. Some of them do not have the exact arrangement explained here. But not to worry as the guide here will still be of immense help.

This is because you just have to use the mode selection button to operate things. This is regardless of where this button is. For some of Hayward’s pool heaters, the arrows up and down buttons come in the form of addition and subtraction buttons. They do the same job as well.

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