How to Reset Beckett Oil Burner Hard Lockout- Fix It!

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Beckett oil burner hard lockout is a turn of phrase used among boiler manufacturers. To describe when a boiler has shut down owing to a lack of operating conditions. 

If your boiler has a reset button on the front, your instruction manual will guide you to press it. To reset the boiler, halt the lockout.

So how to reset the Beckett oil burner hard lockout?

To reset the Beckett oil burner hard lockout, find out what’s causing the problem first. There could be a clogged nozzle, bad quality fuel, or cracked exchanger. Also, the wrong position of the components can be the reason behind the hard lockout. Troubleshoot it after finding out the real reason.

The overview seems helpful to you? Great! Cause we have more to show you on this which might help you learn the unknown facts. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dig in-

How to Reset Beckett Oil Burner Hard Lockout?

Generally, there are two kinds of lockouts that can be seen in a Beckett oil burner. One is a soft lockout and another one is a hard lockout. 

A soft lockout will let you start the Beckett oil burner again. Which means you can restart the whole process. In case, it doesn’t let you continue the process, then it is the hard lockout. 

So if you can’t restart the Beckett oil burner, you need to reset it. You have to put the system into a manual resetting process. Since the process is a little complicated. We hope you will be able to fix it on your own. 

Otherwise, you can take help from an HVAC professional as well.

There could be several reasons behind this. You need to find out the reason first and then go for the resetting solution. Let’s find out what could cause your Beckett oil burner not to restart. 

Reason 1: Clogged Nozzle

If your Beckett oil burner nozzle is not working or it is clogged, then there will be a hard lockout. It is one of the most common reasons behind the burner’s hard lockout. 

Solution: You have to replace the nozzle to solve the issue. 

Reason 2: Quality of the Fuel or Oil

Sometimes, the quality of the burner fuel affects the burner. If the quality is bad it will never be able to work. 

Solution: You can test another fuel or oil on your burner and start again.

Reason 3: Heat Exchanger Is Cracked

When the heat exchanger of your Beckett oil burner is cracked, it will go into hard lockout. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to restart it, it will not work until you change the heat exchanger.

Solution: You need to fix the chamber of your Beckett oil burner to fix this problem.

Reason 4: The Nozzle and Head are Not In the Correct Position

If the head and nozzle of your Beckett oil burner are not in the correct position with each other, then it will go into hard lockout. Usually, the head and nozzle stay in pairs. So, it needs to be in the correct order.

Solution: Rearrange all the components in the correct order.

Reason 5: Insufficient Combustion Air

Another reason that might cause the hard lockout of your Beckett oil burner, that is there is not enough combustion air. 

There has to be enough combustion air to power all machinery. Full air shutters and band opening on the burner. Debris in the way of the air shutter and band.

Solution: You can follow the proper air guide or entrance. Then adjust the blower wheel adjustment if the blower wheel is too tight on the motor shaft.

Also, there could be a leakage of combustion air from the burner. Keep the furnace pressure high. 

Or you can also rearrange all the components. You can ground the furnace again following the guidelines and you can simply fix it. 

Reason 6: High Carbon Level 

In the Beckett oil burner, the CO levels should be fewer than 50 ppm, and preferably less than 10 ppm. If the problem is severe, potential reasons include:

  • Extra air
  • Inadequate CO2 levels as advised by the device manufacturer
  • Check the appliance handbook for CO2 recommendations.
  • Leaks in the heat exchanger
  • Inadequate combustion air supply

Solution:  The flu, heat exchanger, and chimney might have been blocked. Check all of the parts very carefully. Combination of a burner head with a nozzle. In short furnaces, the insertion depth. Impingement of flame on damaged refractory. 

Connect a strong draft, it’s pulling partially burned components from the bottom of the flame. Finally, the furnace is cold.

 A massively enormous furnace. And this way your oil burner will be fixed. Keep that in mind, you have to choose all the right sizes and right equipment for your burner. 

Even a right size furnace blower motor is very important.

But what if you couldn’t find any of the reasons. No worries! We still have a solution for that. Troubleshooting can solve any hard lockouts like this. 

Troubleshooting of Beckett Oil Burner

First, you need to check the body components. It might have been they are putting these pumps in Wrightwood. You can push the red reset button only once for safety. But if it starts and then shuts off, don’t push it again. 

If you continue pushing the button for the third or fourth time in a row. It will create problems. You’re dumping oil into it but it will not work. The oil will flood. That’s for the safety to stop the oil from flooding. 

You should check the setup and also the batteries. Then check the heat and high limits. Set the pre-ignition for three seconds. And late oil valve for 15 seconds with Vallejo oil valve. Then it should work just fine. 

But still, if you fail to figure out and fix the problem, you should take expert help. The process is not so easy and sometimes in complicated cases, it requires replacements. So, we recommend seeking professional advice. 


How can you restart my oil burner?

For a second, hold down the reset button. This will cause the control to be reset. During purge cycles, there is a flame. There are too many recycling attempts. 1600 Ohms or less is a good flame signal. More probable causes can be found in the “Troubleshooting an Oil Burner” tech bulletin.

How can I Reset the Burner on my Kenmore Gas Range?

Increase the temperature of your thermostat to start the burner. Hold down the “Reset” button for 15 seconds until the yellow signal flashes. To prime the pump, swiftly push and hold the ” Reset ” key while the igniter is turned on.

What should you do if your oil burner quits working?

If your oil burner fails to work, the first step you should do is check the reset button. If you push it and then the burner lights up, you’ve found the source of the problem. If the button trips again, there is a serious problem, and you should arrange a repair call right away.

Wrapping Up

We hope now you will be able to solve the problem. Now you know how can I reset Beckett oil burner hard lockout. 

Anyway, if you have any further questions, kindly let us know. We will try to help you out. 

All the best!

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