Hayward Heater CE & HS Code (Causes & Fixes)

If communication is not established between the control module and the display board within 3s of starting the heater, a CE error will be displayed. The error is also displayed when communication between the two interfaces is lost for more than 30 seconds. Further below I go over what the HS code or sometimes referred to as the F5 code means as well. But first the CE error code…

The Hayward CE Error is a communication error code that displays on your heater display when there is a communication error between the control module and the display interface assembly.

The code usually clears as soon as there are valid data exchanges between the control module and the display assembly.

Below is a chart for CE possible causes and the main fixes.

Chart for Hayward Heater CE code


As we always said, it’s best to call professionals if you are not too sure about troubleshooting your heater. But if you are going to go ahead to try and fix your heater, below are a few states to help you diagnose the error

Steps to diagnose the CE Code

1.       Check whether your heater is powered to the correct rated voltage source.

2.       Check for faulty wiring or loose connection

3.       Test for 24 VAC on the control module to check whether it is defective or not

4.       Check whether the display assembly is defective or not


1.       When your heater displays the CE code, the first thing to do is try to restart your heater.  Sometimes power supply inconsistency or a little bit of power surge could cause your heater system to simply misbehave and not respond to any instructions.

Switch off the heater (best to do it from the breaker) and turn it back on. If the code does not clear, then head over to the next step of troubleshooting.

2.       The second thing to do is check whether the wiring on your display interface assembly is intact or not.

 Make sure the wiring is not tempered, especially by small animals (rodents.)

 Loose wires or cables can also cause interruptions on the circuit board; ensure wires are securely attached between the two interfaces. Give the display interface plug a tug and securely attach it if necessary.

3.       Thirdly, if nothing works at this point, check for 24 VAC across the R and C terminals on the control board. If it’s not there replace the harness. Otherwise, if 24VAC is present, remove the F1 from the fuse holder and measure continuity across it. If the fuse is ok, then you are most likely dealing with a defective control module and to resolve this problem you’ll need to replace it.

4.       If the control module is fine, you might have a defective display assembly. The only way to fix a defective display board is to replace it with a non-defective one.


How do I reset my Hayward pool heater?

This is how you can reset your Hayward heater manually.

·         Use the keypad to  cycle the MODE button through “STANDBY”

·         Cycle through and back to the original operating mode ‘pool’ or ‘spar’.

·         If that doesn’t do the trick, reset the heater using the breaker switch. This should reset your heater.

Why Won’t My Pool Heater Fire Up?

If your heater won’t power up, this could be mainly due to a defective transformer. In order to troubleshoot this problem, you’ll need to test voltage across the transformer.  Start by disconnecting the plug from the P4 connector from the Fuse Board. Then measure for 24 VAC across the pins of the transformer. If 24 VAC is not present, replace the transformer.

What does the code IF mean on a Hayward pool heater?

The Hayward heater IF code is an ignition failure code that indicates a problem with the ignition control system. See the full article on this topic here.

What is Hayward Heater HS Code or H5?

Some people mistake the H5 code on their Hayward heater, but really it’s the HS code on a Hayward heater which is a water temperature sensing error that can mean either of two things.

1)      If the water temperature exceeds 104° F. The heater will show the HS code on display. But the code clears 2 minutes after the inlet water temperature starts reporting a temperature of 104 or less.

2)      A potentially damaging low water flow condition. If the water temperature is changing too fast (6°F in 60 seconds or less) the water temperature changing sensor will pick up this and display the HS error code. Usually, if this problem is detected 3 times in one hour, the heater will go into lock-out until electrical power is cycled off and back on.

Final Thought

We hope that you have fixed and cleared off the CE or HS codes on your pool heater. Hayward has a number of different codes to notify you about a specific issue and the CE code is one of those common ones. To keep your heater running efficiently, do not skip heater servicing or maintenance.

Regular heater maintenance can save you costs that come with unexpected breakdowns. Thank you for reading.

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