Frigidaire Air Conditioner Buttons Not Working: Easy Fixes

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Frigidaire air conditioners are among the most reliable AC units on the market. However, they may suffer from buttons that don’t work every now and again. This may make the AC not turn on, cool, or work properly. The fixes to this issue are quite easy to execute. 

If the buttons on your Frigidaire air conditioner arent working, the main causes are a faulty control board or the circuit board. Reset the AC by turning it off for 5 minutes and unplugging it then turning it back on. Otherwise, replace the circuit board or the control board as diagnosed.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Buttons Not Working

Causes of Frigidaire air conditioner buttons not working

Some of the causes of malfunctioning Frigidaire air conditioner buttons include the following:

A software glitch

A glitch in the software running the AC unit can make the buttons freeze up and not work as expected. This isn’t a problem specific to Frigidaire air conditioners since it affects all types of air conditioners. 

Faulty interface control board

The interface control board is within the control panel and its failure to work may lead to various issues including the buttons not working and the control panel not lighting up. Given that this is the part responsible for the controls of the whole AC unit, it’s only reasonable that its failure will lead to the failure of the control buttons.

Loose or cut wires

The wires in the air conditioner may be cut, disconnected, or loose thus cutting the electrical connections without the unit. In such a case, you may be pressing the buttons which are in good working condition but due to the lack of connections with the other parts of the machine, they appear not to be working. 

Electrical faults

Electrical issues may also lead to the buttons not working on your Frigidaire AC unit. For example, it may not be plugged in or there is no power flowing to it. Other than that, there could be a power outage as well. 

Broken fan

If the fan is broken and won’t work, pressing the buttons might seem like there is an issue with the buttons when it’s the fan. Keep in mind that a malfunctioning fan means that the AC unit won’t circulate the air in the room properly. 

Malfunctioning evaporator coil

If your AC unit won’t cool even after plugging it in and turning it on, there is a chance that the evaporator coil is burned out. The evaporator coil has the role of cooling the air when it passes over it which is one of the main parts of how an AC works. If it’s broken or faulty, cooling won’t occur, and pressing buttons on the AC unit won’t have any effects. 

Electrical overload

If the circuit breaker tends to trip each time you turn on the AC unit, there is an overload on the circuit. Pressing buttons on the unit won’t yield any result since the air conditioner won’t have power once the circuit has tripped. 

Faulty temperature control

The temperature control button helps change the desired level of heat and cold in the room. If the temperature control is broken, pressing the control buttons won’t have any results since it’ll be unresponsive. 

Other parts are faulty

If none of the above issues are the reason why the buttons on your Frigidaire air conditioner aren’t working, it could be another part that’s dead or faulty. Have a professional diagnose it before any further steps. 

How to fix Frigidaire air conditioner buttons that aren’t working

The solutions to the above problems include the following:

Cause Solution 
Software glitch Reset the air conditioner 
Faulty interface control boardReplace the interface control board
Loose or cut wiresReconnect the wires
Electrical faultsPlug in the AC
Broken fanReplace the fan
Malfunctioning evaporator coilReplace the evaporator coil
Electrical overloadReduce the electrical load on the circuit
Faulty temperature controlFix or replace the temperature control
Other faulty partsCall for an expert

Reset the air conditioner

The first thing you should do when the buttons freeze up is to rest the Frigidaire air conditioner as follows:

  1. Turn off the air conditioner   
  2. Unplug it from the power socket. 
  3. Wait for 5 minutes. 
  4. Plug it into the power outlet again. 
  5. Turn the AC on. 
  6. Check if the buttons work as expected. 

Turning off and unplugging the air conditioner for 5 minutes helps reset its software. If it’s the cause of the buttons not working, they should work again once you plug it in and turn it on. 

Replace the interface control board

A faulty interface control board should be replaced since fixing it doesn’t always work. The procedure for this task is shown in the video below.

Reconnect the wires

First, press one hand on the panel as you press the buttons to see if they work or not. If not, you’ll need to open up the control panel then check for loose or cut wires. If you find one and you don’t know where it goes, check with the manual for your AC unit. You can then consult a specialist if you still can’t figure it out. 

Plug in the AC

If the AC unit is not plugged in or it’s not plugged in properly, plug it in as required. Also, make sure the unit has the proper supply of power from the wall socket. The power cable used should be the one from the manufacturer or a recommended replacement. 

Replace the fan

Check the user’s manual for your AC unit then replace the fan as shown in the video below. {YouTube link]

Replace the evaporator coil

Identify the location of the evaporator coil to your AC unit then replace it with a genuine Frigidaire evaporator coil.

Reduce the electrical load on the circuit

Most air conditioners use circuits with 120 volts and 15 amps. If your AC unit uses this outlet but doesn’t have its own dedicated circuit, the other appliances could be overloading the circuit. 

The best option is to remove the other appliances from the power supply and only leave the AC unit for that outlet. Avoid using an extension cable to connect the air conditioner and other appliances to the same wall outlet. 

The best solution if you not of the fixes above don’t work is to call for a certified professional to fix your air conditioner. While it may cost more than if you fixed it yourself, an expert will quickly find the problem and safely fix it. At times, you may need a new AC unit such as the popular Carrier or Goodman AC.

Frigidaire AC remote not working

If your window AC control panel is not working, you can use the remote control as you seek a solution. At times, however, your Frigidaire air conditioner won’t turn on even with the remote control. If the remote control is not working, the main reasons and their fixes include the following:

The remote control signal is obstructed

If you have obstacles between you and the Frigidaire air conditioner, you won’t be able to use the AC unit as the signal from the remote won’t reach the AC’s control panel. The obstruction can be anything from a wall to a person and even the furniture in your home. 


Simply ensure there is no obstruction between the remote control and the AC unit. It may be as simple as moving into direct line with the AC or removing the objects between you and the air conditioner. 

The remote control is not within its operational range

Another reason why your Frigidaire air conditioner is not cooling after adjusting with the remote is that you’re out of range of the remote control’s operational distance. 


Make sure the remote control is within 20 feet and 120° radius of the AC unit. Also, make sure you’re pointing the remote control’s front towards the AC unit as you operate it. 

The remote control batteries are dead

One other common reason for the Frigidaire AC remote not working is dead batteries. This is also common with all types of remote controls whether they rely on replaceable or rechargeable batteries. 


Replace or charge the remote control’s batteries before trying again.

The guidelines above should fix both the buttons and remote control of your Frigidaire air conditioner. For issues you can’t identify or fix by yourself, call for a qualified professional to help restore the workings of your AC unit.

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