Bryant Heater Not Working [6 Easy Solution]

Is your Bryant heater not working?  There are many issues that can prevent your heater from working properly. These include:

  • Power supply issues
  • Defective or dirty flame sensors
  • Ignition issues
  • Dirty air filters
  • Gas supply Issues
bryant heater not working: Dirty air filter
Replacing air filters can start your furnace again

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6 Reasons for Your Bryant Heater Not Working

1)Power Supply Issues

Power issues are the commonest reasons for a heating system not working. When you discover that your Bryant heater is not working, the first thing you need to do is check and rule out is power supply. Make sure that you check with the following power supply issues:

Furnace Power Switch

Check if the SSU switch located near the furnace is off. If you had someone working near the furnace installation recently, they might have switch off the furnace accidently. In Some cases, a furnace switch can be switched off intentionally and forgetting to turn it on. A switch that is turned off will cut power to your furnace.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Go to your furnace circuit breakers and check if they are not tripped. If the breakers are tripped, reset them. However, if the breaker trips for the second time, don’t reset or tape it. There could be other issues with your furnace that would need a professional to come and check out.

2) Dirty Or Defective Flame Sensors

Dirty or sooty flame sensors will prevent your heating system from working properly. If there is build up on flame sensors, they’ll have a hard time detecting flames on the burners.

If flame sensors can’t detect flames, the gas valve will be closed, and the furnace will shut off. Your heating system will attempt to start again. If flame sensors will not detect flames 3-5 times, your furnace will go into a safety lock. In a safety lock, your furnace will not work or do anything for about 2-3 hours depending on your model.

How to fix this issue

If you believe you have dirty flame sensors, you can easily clean them up yourself. A furnace Flame sensor is usually found near the burners.  Open the furnace, a sensor will be straight or L shaped metal rode with an electrical wire connected to it.

A flame sensor will typically have a single screw holding them in place. You will need a screwdriver to remove it.

If your flame sensor has dirt built on it, you can use something like steel wool or a sandpaper, depending on how hard the buildup it. Clean it and put it back in place. If the sensor doesn’t work after a cleanup, then its defective and might need to be replaced. Just make sure to check the type you have before you get a new one.

TIP: Turn off the power switch before opening the furnace cover to do anything.

3) Ignition issues

The ignitor lights up the burners. If the ignitor is defective, there won’t be ignition and because of that, no combustion is going to take place in your heating system. For a Bryant furnace that uses the hot surface ignitor, you an inspect the ignitor for any cracks.  If the ignitor has cracks on it, it won’t work or ignite the burners.

You can also use the multimeter to test for continuity on your ignitor.

4) Defective Control Board

The control board is the heart your heating system. When there are heating calls from your thermostat, the control board receives these signals. Then it’ll send instructions to every part of your furnace involved in the heating sequence of your furnace. If the control board is defective or not working, your furnace will not work at all.

To fix a control board that is not responding, you may want to reset your furnace. You can rest your furnace by turning off the power switch for 5 to 10 minutes before turning it back on.

5)Dirty Air Filters

Bryant heating systems can not work with dirty air filters. Air filters screen dirt and other objects from air before it gets into your furnace. After about a couple of months, air filters get dirty and you need to replace them of clean them (for the washable type).

If air filters are not changed on time, they will restrict the airflow into the heat exchanger.  When this happens, there will be overheating in your furnace and the high limit switch will shut off your furnace.

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6)Gas Supply Issues

If there is no gas supply, your furnace will not ignite.  Make sure that there is gas supply to your furnace. You can call your local gas supplier to find out if there is any problem with the gas supply.

You can also with check main gas valve, if its open, gas should be reaching your furnace. Otherwise, if it’s closed, it could be preventing your furnace from igniting.

Final Thought

Now that we have looked at the common reasons for your Bryant heater not working, you should be able to fix your heating system. If your heater still doesn’t work, it’s best to call in HVAC professionals to come and give you a hand.


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